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9-Jun-2014Development and Validation of Chromatographic methods for drugs i.e., Darifenacin, Zolpidem, Palonosetron and Intermediates to study the Impurity ProfilesMurthy, M VishnuRamesh kumar, N; Mukkanti, K
25-Jan-2018Synthetic Studies In The Heterocyclic Field synthesis Of Condensed OxazolesY.D.ReddyV.v.Somayajulu
25-Jan-2018Computer modeling and analysis of aeromagnetic anomalies with special reference to curie depth determination in northern tamil nadu indiaVerma BKSanaker Narayan PV
25-Jan-2018Synthetic Studies In The Heterocyclic Field Synthesis Of Substituted BenzimidazolesAshok M.SarpseshkarV.Somayajulu
30-Jan-2018Poly ethylene glycol based cationic polyion complexemodel systems of therapeutic interest synthesis and biophysical insightsNisha C KManorama S V
16-Feb-2018Total synthesis of fostriecinPrathap IYadav J S
16-Feb-2018Contemporary relevance of sri aurobindo on mans destiny a study of savitriPrathap IYadav J S
25-Jan-2018Effect of catalyst methyl ethyl ketone peroxide concern tration on mechanical thermal flame retardant and chemical resistant properties of both filled and unfilled orthophthalate and isophthalate based unsaturated polyester resinP SridharanS Rajan
25-Jan-2018Studies on the condensation of 2 3 pyridinediamines with carbonyl compounds and antibacterial activity of the resulting productsR Vinod KumarP K Dubey
25-Jan-2018Synthetic studies in the heterocyclic field synthesis of submitted benzoxazolesJoseph K USomayajulu Y V