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3-Sep-2012Synthesis of the n1-substituted quinolones, n1-quinolone dimers and c-6 substituted pyrazolo pyrimidines as antibacterial agentsReddy, Naveenkumar CRama Mohan, H; Rao, Muralimohan D
3-Sep-2012Synthesis of ionic liquids: application to wittig, reduction and aromatic nucleophilic substitution reactionsNageshwar, DPalle, V R Acharyulu; Rao, D Muralimohan
19-Apr-2012Studies directed towards the synthesis of Azoles and its derivativesPalle, SadanandamMukkanti, K; Das, Parthasarathi
19-Apr-2012Studies directed towards the synthesis of dithiocarbamates and its application in organic synthesisKatari, Naresh KumarMukkanti, K
24-Aug-2012Synthesis of several fused heterocycles using 1-(4 aminophenyl)-N-substituted methane/ethane sulphonamidesRao Bandi, VenugopalaHariharakrishnan, V S
5-Sep-2012New stability indicating chromatographic methods for desloratadine, clopidogrel, duloxetine, ibuprofen, diphenhydramine, losartan, atenolol and hydrochlorothiazide drugsRao, Dantu DurgaSait, Shakil S
5-Sep-2012Evaluation of entities with low absorption in the ultra violet region in pharmaceutical drug substances and drug productsPrasanna, S JohnSharma, Hemant Kumar
5-Sep-2012Studies directed towards the total synthesis of prostaglandinsMudduluru, Hari KrishnaRama Mohan, H
5-Aug-2011A study on process impurity profile of rabeprazole, omeprazole and synthesis of their derivativesReddy, Pingili RamchandraReddy, G Mahesh; Himabindu, V
6-Jun-2014Condensation of 2-Methyl Quinazolines, 2-mercapto-3H-Quinazoline acid hydrazides respectively with aromatic Aldehydes active halo compounds and Carbonyl CompoundsBireddy, Srinivasa ReddyDubey, P K; Naidu, A