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5-Sep-2012New stability indicating chromatographic methods for desloratadine, clopidogrel, duloxetine, ibuprofen, diphenhydramine, losartan, atenolol and hydrochlorothiazide drugsRao, Dantu DurgaSait, Shakil S
5-Sep-2012Studies directed towards the total synthesis of prostaglandinsMudduluru, Hari KrishnaRama Mohan, H
5-Sep-2012Synthesis and characterization of (-)Galanthamine hydrobromide and memantine hydrochloride as anti Alzheimers drugs and their impuritiesReddy, Jambula MukundaReddy, G Mahesh; Himabindu, V
3-Sep-2012Development of simple, reliable, rugged, specific and sensitive analytical methods for quantification of impurities in antiepileptic and antidepressant drugsSrinivasulu, PReddy, R Buchi; Mukkanti, K
5-Sep-2012Synthesis of small molecule inhibitors for CaspasesVenkateshwar, Rao M GummadiSengupta, Saumitra; Dubey, P K
5-Aug-2011Synthesis and characterization of COX 2 inhibitors and Carbazole derivativesReddy, Anumula RaghupathiMukkanti, K
29-Apr-2013Synthesis of novel heterocyclic compounds and evaluation of their activity for different biological profilesGoud, P Sanath KumarHima Bindu V; Udupi, R H
26-Aug-2011Studies towards process research and development of few biologically active compounds containing Dihydropyridine and Purine Nitrogen HeterocyclesPrasada Raju, V V N K VMathad, Vijayavitthal T; Dubey, P K
5-Aug-2011Studies directed towards the synthesis of eremophilanes, varenicline and ascochlorin: a diels- alder approachSrinivas, PIqbal, Javed
4-Aug-2011Development of new synthetic methods and process for ritonavir, amtolmetin, esomeprazole and their key intermediatesReddy, L AmarnathBandichhor, Rakeshwar