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26-Aug-2011Development of simple, reliable, rugged, specific and sensitive analytical methods for quantification of impurities in drugs like Proton Pump inhibitorsSrinivas, Koduri S VBuchi Reddy, R; Mukkanti, K
5-Sep-2012Synthesis of small molecule inhibitors for CaspasesVenkateshwar, Rao M GummadiSengupta, Saumitra; Dubey, P K
5-Sep-2012Synthesis and characterization of (-)Galanthamine hydrobromide and memantine hydrochloride as anti Alzheimers drugs and their impuritiesReddy, Jambula MukundaReddy, G Mahesh; Himabindu, V
5-Sep-2012Studies directed towards the total synthesis of prostaglandinsMudduluru, Hari KrishnaRama Mohan, H
5-Sep-2012Evaluation of entities with low absorption in the ultra violet region in pharmaceutical drug substances and drug productsPrasanna, S JohnSharma, Hemant Kumar
5-Sep-2012New stability indicating chromatographic methods for desloratadine, clopidogrel, duloxetine, ibuprofen, diphenhydramine, losartan, atenolol and hydrochlorothiazide drugsRao, Dantu DurgaSait, Shakil S
3-Sep-2012Synthesis, characterization and biological activities of novel hybrid molecules related to substituted hydrazones, sulphonamides and sulphonates of non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugsNakka, MamathaMukkanti, K
24-Aug-2012Synthesis of several fused heterocycles using 1-(4 aminophenyl)-N-substituted methane/ethane sulphonamidesRao Bandi, VenugopalaHariharakrishnan, V S
5-Aug-2011Synthesis and characterization of piperazine containing a typical antipsychotic drug substances and their related compoundsThatipalli, Poorna ChanderRamesh Kumar
3-Sep-2012Stability-indicating analytical methods for pharmaceutically active substances-montelukast sodium, pioglitazone hydrochloride, florfenicol and ceftazidime pentahydrateRashmitha, NSharma, Hemant Kumar; Mukkanti, K