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29-Apr-2013Synthesis of novel heterocyclic compounds and evaluation of their activity for different biological profilesGoud, P Sanath KumarHima Bindu V; Udupi, R H
16-Feb-2018Contemporary relevance of sri aurobindo on mans destiny a study of savitriPrathap IYadav J S
16-Feb-2018Total synthesis of fostriecinPrathap IYadav J S
29-Apr-2013Synthesis and spectroscopic studies on biphenylyl tetrazole and hydroxyl carbazole derivatives of amino acids and ritonavir analogsSenthilkumar NReddy, B Shankar
3-May-2013Alternate synthesis of Montelukast, Sildenafil, Sertindole, Levocetirizine and their Related SubstancesSunil Kumar I VHima Bindu V; Anjaneyulu G S R
30-Apr-2013Synthesis and biological evaluation of natural products SPF-32629A and SPF-32629BVegi, Srinivasa RaoBoovanahalli, Shanthaveerappa K; Mukkanti, K
3-Sep-2012Synthesis of ionic liquids: application to wittig, reduction and aromatic nucleophilic substitution reactionsNageshwar, DPalle, V R Acharyulu; Rao, D Muralimohan
3-Sep-2012Synthesis of the n1-substituted quinolones, n1-quinolone dimers and c-6 substituted pyrazolo pyrimidines as antibacterial agentsReddy, Naveenkumar CRama Mohan, H; Rao, Muralimohan D
3-Sep-2012Synthesis, characterization and biological activities of novel hybrid molecules related to substituted hydrazones, sulphonamides and sulphonates of non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugsNakka, MamathaMukkanti, K
25-Jan-2018Studies on the condensation of 2 3 pyridinediamines with carbonyl compounds and antibacterial activity of the resulting productsR Vinod KumarP K Dubey