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3-Jun-2021English Language Competence of Undergraduate Students at Aden University Yemen A StudyGalal Hussein Ahmed HusseinTasneem Anjum
5-Nov-2020Narrative Techniques In the Novels of Shashi Tharoor Vikas Swarup and Chetan BhagatKuchekar Shailaja BaburaoGangane A S
3-Jun-2021Platonism in the Poetry of Wordsworth Shelley and Keats A ReassessmentMamadge Pandurang DhondiramMore Kranti V.
7-Jun-2021Syntactic Errors in English Writing of the Undergraduate Students at Three Yemeni UniversitiesMohammed Abdulwasea Abdulrahman Al-AsbahySyed Aleemuddin
2-Nov-2020Social and Political Realism in the Select Novels of Doris Lessing and Mo Yan A Comparative StudyGaikwad Vijaykumar VishwambharraoBhanegaonkar S G
23-Mar-2021A Sociolinguistic Study of the Security Members Working in the International Airports of YemenMohammed Sagher Ahmed Zaid MutaharLakhadive r M
23-Mar-2021Representation of Human Life Problematics and Theatrics in the select Plays of Samuel Beckett and Mahesh Dattani A Comparative StudyVisweswaraiah SMane D R
2-Nov-2020Social Movements and Portrayal of Caste Race and Gender in Dalit and Black Womens Selected Autobiographies a Comparative StudyIngle Sandip ArunMane D R
8-Jan-2021A Critical Study of the Select Novels of Anita Desai Arundhati Roy and Kiran Desai in Postcolonial PerspectivesJadhav Ashok JagnnathraoGangane A S
15-Dec-2020Indianization of English Language in the Fiction of Salman Rushdie Khushwant Singh Upamanyu Chatterjee and Arundhati RoyWaghmare Shivnarayan SubhashraoGangane A S