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16-Nov-2016Use of atomic absorption and fluorescence spectroscopy for trace level determination of some toxic cations and anions with several new chelating ligandsAnimesh SahanaDas, Debasis
16-Nov-2016Synthesis characterization and application of different fluorescent probes with nitrogen oxygen and or sulfur donor sitesBanerjee, ArnabDas, Debasis
16-Nov-2016Studies on selective and effective complexation of fullerenes with various calix_n_arenes and homooxa calix_n_arenesHalder, AmalBhattacharya, Sumanta
16-Nov-2016Syntheses x_ray structures properties and supramolecular chemistry of some 3d or 4d block transition metal complexes with ligands containing N and or O donor sets and pseudohalidesPal, AbhijitGosh R
16-Nov-2016Kinetic and mechanistic studies of oxidation of bio_molecules in micellar media by chromium viBasu, AnkitaSaha, Bidyut
16-Nov-2016Kinetics of substitution on octahedral rhodium iii complexesBera, Biplab KumarGhosh, A K
16-Nov-2016Radiotracer studies on the substoichiometric estimation of some trace metal ionsBag, MadhumitaSukalyan Basu and Chattopadhyay, Chattopadhyay
18-Nov-2016Substitution on octahedral 4d6 metal ion complexes kinetic and mechanistic studies with bioactive ligandsMondal, SubalaGhosh, A K
16-Nov-2016Studies on kinetic and mechanistic studies on electron transfer reactions at some higher valent metal centresMandal, JayashreeSaha, Bidyut
18-Nov-2016Anionic polysaccharides from plant kingdom structural features chemical modifications and biological activitiesSaha SudiptaRay, Bimalendu