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1-Dec-2016Studies on some metal_organic frameworks containing zinc_ii_cadmium_ii_and mercury_ii_in concert with halides or pseudohalides and organic n_donor ligandsSatapathi, SmitaGhosh, B K
13-Jul-2018Aspects of sequential approximations in chemical theoriesSarkar, BiplabBhattacharya, Kamal
5-Sep-2018Kinetics and mechanism of anation of hydroxopentaaquo chromium _iii_ ion by amino acid ligandsNiyogi, BinaykrishnaDe, G S
11-Sep-2019Studies on the separation of some metal ions in different ph under certain specific modificationsRahman, Md. FaridurBiswajit Chakraborty and Tanmoy Das
11-Sep-2019Isolation Preparation and Use of Some Surfactants and Their Physicochemical AspectsMondal, Monohar HossainBidyut Saha
11-Sep-2019Metallo organic frameworks containing some dn ions polydentate N donor blockers and inorganic bridges Syntheses structures and propertiesMaji, Ashis KumarRajarshi Ghosh
11-Sep-2019Interaction complexation of several n o and s donors with cu ii structures properties spectroscopic studies and bio analytical applicationsAdhikari, SangitaDebasis Das
11-Sep-2019Rhodamine based probes for colorimetric and fluorescence recognition of some cations and anions for bio imagingMandal, SandipDebasis Das
11-Sep-2019Polysaccharides from natural sources structural features chemical modification and biological activitiesMajee, Sujay KumarBimalendu Ray
11-Sep-2019Studies on the chemical reactivities of ruthenium ii iii complexes with ligands having different sets of donor centersChattopadhyay, AnimeshA. K. Ghosh