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11-Sep-2019Syntheses structural characterization and properties of Mn II Ni II and Zn II complexes using some multidentate organic ligandsKumar, Sarat ChandraRajarshi Ghosh
12-Apr-2018Studies on polysaccharides from some Indian medicinal plantsUdipta Ranjan ChatterjeePradyot K Ghoshal and Bimalendu Ray
12-Apr-2018Polysaccharides from natural sources isolation structural features and biological activitiesShruti Saurabh BandyopadhyayBimalendu Ray
14-Dec-2015Studies on mono di and polynuclear metal halide pseudohalide and carboxylate compounds containing some tailored polyamines and schiff basesRoy, SubhasisGhosh, B K
15-Dec-2015Studies on selective and effective complexation of fullerenes with various calyx n arenes and homooxa calyx n arenesHalder, AmalBhattacharya, Sumanta
14-Dec-2015Hexavalent chromium removal from waste water by raw and modified agricultural by productsSaha, RumpaSaha, Bidyut
14-Dec-2015Syntheses x ray structures properties and supramolecular chemistry of some 3d 4d block transition metal complexes with ligands containing n and or o donor sets and pseudohalidesPal, AbhijitGhosh, R
14-Dec-2015Syntheses crystal structures and molecular properties of some dn ion complexes containing multidentate n donor end capping ligandsKhan, SumitavaGhosh, B K
14-Dec-2015Role of neutral adducts with nitrogen and oxygen donors on the liquid liquid extraction of metal chelatesBhar, TaniaBasu, S
12-Apr-2018Surfactant assisted bioremediation of hexavalant chromium from contaminated waterKakali MukherjeeBidyut Saha