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25-Nov-2016Spectroscopic and quantum_chemical Investigations on non_covalently linked diporphyrin complexes of C60 C70 and some of their derivativesMukherjee, SibayanBhattacharya, Sumanta
18-Dec-2015Studies on molecular complexes involving coal derived asphal tenes in homogeneous and heterogeneous mediaGhosh, Ashish KumarBagchi, Sanjib
18-Dec-2015Coordination chemistry of some N S donor ligands with copper I II synthesis characterization structure and reactivitySarkar, SandipanChattopadhyay, Pabitra
25-Nov-2016Synthesis and characterization of some transition and inner_transition metal complexes with different_N N_and_N O_donor setsBiswas, BhaskarGhosh, R
16-Nov-2016Polysaccharides from Turbinaria conoides and Adhatoda vasica structural features and biological activitiesChattopadhyay, NabanitaRay, Bimalendu
17-Nov-2016Mechanistic studies on substitution reactions of some square planar platinum_ii_complexesParnajyoti KarmakarGhosh, A K
18-Nov-2016Hexavalent chromium removal from waste water by raw and modified agricultural by_productsSaha, RumpaSaha, Bidyut
25-Nov-2016Coordination chemistry of 3d_transition metals of some N S or N N donor sets synthesis characterization structure and reactivityPatra, Animeshn.d.
25-Nov-2016Spectroscopic and theoretical investigations on proton affinities of some biomoleculesGhosh, Bankim ChandraMukherjee, Asok K
1-Dec-2016A quantum theoretical study of the 1 3_dipolar cycloaddition reactionsDas, Tapas KumarBanerjee, Manas