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16-Nov-2016Syntheses characterizations and applications of some new fluorescent probes for selective determination of cations at trace levelKarak, DebasisDas, Debasis and Adhikari, S S
18-Nov-2016Studies on mono_DI_and polynuclear metal halide pseudohalide and carboxylate compounds containing some tailored polyamines and schiff basesRoy, SubhasisGhosh, B K
18-Nov-2016Syntheses characterization and applications of different fluorescent Probes derived from coumarinGuha, SubarnaDas, Debasis
18-Nov-2016Syntheses structures and magnetic properties of some Mn_ii_Ni_ii_and Cu_ii_complexes containing N_donor blockers and mono or polyatomic bridgesChoubey, SomnathGhosh, B K
17-Nov-2016Studies on ion_exchange properties of some newly designed and characterized polyoxometalates of macro or nano sizeChakraborty, RajeshChattopadhyay, P
28-Nov-2016Polysaccharides from Padina and laminaria structural characterization and biological activitiesKarmakar, ParamitaRay, Bimalendu
28-Nov-2016Photophysical investigation on fullerene_phthalocyanine non_covalent interactionsRay, AnamikaBhattacharya, Sumanta
28-Nov-2016Studies on the effects of mixed extractants on liquid_liquid extraction of some metal IonsDey, PulakBasu, Sukalyan
25-Nov-2016Spectroscopic and quantum_chemical Investigations on non_covalently linked diporphyrin complexes of C60 C70 and some of their derivativesMukherjee, SibayanBhattacharya, Sumanta
25-Nov-2016Coordination chemistry of some platinum metals with N S and O donor ligands synthesis characterization and reactivityMukherjee, TitasChattopadhyay, Pabitra