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23-Dec-2015Interaction of octahedral rhodium III complexes with bio_active ligands kinetic and mechanistic studiesMukhopadhyay, Sudip KumarGhosh, A K
23-Dec-2015Industrial polysaccharides from Benincasa and Gracilaria structure physico_chemical property and physiological activityMazumder, SutapaRay, Bimalendu
18-Dec-2015Isolation and characterisation of polysaccharides from Caulerpa and Stoechospermum and study towards their pharmaceutical implicationsAdhikari, UtpalRay, Bimalendu
18-Dec-2015Polysaccharides from some Indian coastal seaweeds structural features and pharmacological activityChattopadhyay, KausikRay, Bimalendu
18-Dec-2015Application of graph theory and density functional theory in the study of some physic_chemical problemsTiwary, Amit SMukherjee, Asok K
18-Dec-2015Solvation and association properties of hydrogen bonded liquids surfactants and their mixturesDeb, NipamanjariMukherjee, Asok K and Bagchi, Sanjib
18-Dec-2015Studies and utilisation of secondary metabolites from the seeds of Erythrina variegata LinnSamanta, Titil DattaLaskar, S
18-Dec-2015Synthesis and characterization of some oxorhenium_V complexes with nitrogen sulphur donor setsDas, BiswajitChattopadhyay, Pabitra
23-Dec-2015Reactivity of MX2_fragment in MLnX2 synthesis of homo_ heterobis or tris chelates and their spectral chemical and electrochemical studiesJasimuddin, S KSinha, Chittaranjan
23-Dec-2015Kinetics and mechanism of the substitution on palladium II complexes with special emphasis on bioactive ligandsMoi, Sankar ChandraGhosh, A K