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23-Dec-2015Physicochemical studies on molecular adducts and aggregates involving fullerenes and some pharmaceutical moleculesSaha, AvijitMukherjee, Asok K
23-Dec-2015Structural studies on plant polysaccharidesMondal, Saroj KumarGhosal, Pradyot Kumar
23-Dec-2015Application of photocatalysis for utilisation of solar energy in the destruction of water _ bound pollutantsMahata, AnimaMukherjee, Asok K
23-Dec-2015Characterization of environmental samples by direct instrumental techniques and by sequential extraction using microwave _assisted treatmentDutta, MiliDas, Arabinda Kumar
23-Dec-2015Synthesis structure and properties of some inorganic_organic hybrid materials with pseudohalide_organic intermediaries multidentate N_donor blockers and 3d_4d metal templatesChowdhury, HabibarGhosh, B. K.
23-Dec-2015Characterization and utilization of coal fly ashGoswami, DebasisDas, Arabinda K
23-Dec-2015Spectroscopic and thermodynamic studies on some molecular complexesRay, Asim KMukherjee, Asok K
23-Dec-2015Synthesis molecular and crystalline architectures and properties of group 12 metal complexes with some multidentate N_donor blockersGhosh, RajarshiGhosh, B. K.
23-Dec-2015Polysaccharides from some Indian plants structure physiological activity and physicochemical propertiesGhosh, ParthaRay, Bimalendu and Ghosal, Pradyot Kumar
23-Dec-2015Studies on perturbation series and related functional approximantsBandyopadhyay, Samir KumarBhattacharyya, K