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31-Dec-2015Kinetics and mechanism of aqua ligand substitution in cis_diaqua _ethylenediamine_ platinum II perchlorate by bio_active ligandsSengupta, Partha SarathiDe, G S
31-Dec-2015Kinetics and mechanism of the interaction of bio_active ligands with cis_diaqua_ cis_12_diaminocyclohexane platinum II perchlorateSinha, RamanathDe, Gauri Sankar and Chaudhury, Ajoy Kumar
25-Apr-2018EDA interaction involving some quinones and C60 AS acceptors _ A graph _ theoretical and experimental studyDatta, KakaliMukherjee, Asok K
18-Dec-2015Polysaccharides from Cystoseira and Scinaia isolation structural features and antiviral activitiesMandal, PinakiRay, Bimalendu
15-Jan-2018Solid phase extractants containing N_donar centres_synthesis characterisation and analytical applicationsPramanik, SadhanChattopadhyay, Pabitra
23-Jul-2018Studies on the transition metal complexes of azoimine functionBanerjee, DebasisSinha, C
31-Dec-2015Studies on synergism in metal extractionBanerjee, ShrabantiBasu, Sukalyan
31-Dec-2015Kinetic and mechanistic studies of aqua ligand substitution from aqua_ethylenediamine complexes of platinum II by amino acids and peptides in aqueous mediumBera, Sujit KumarDe, Gauri Sankar and Chandra, Swapan K
31-Dec-2015Studies on the coordination chemistry of azoimine function syntheses structures spectral characterisation chemical and electrochemical activitiesSantra, Prasanta KumarSinha, S
31-Dec-2015Kinetic and spectroscopic studies on some organic reactions involving charge_transfer intermediatesRoy, TridibranjanSeal, B K and Mukerjee, A K