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8-Jan-2016Kinetics and mechanism of substitution of aquo_ligands from cis_diaquo_bis biguanide chromium_III and cobalt_III ions by polydentate ligandsGangopadhyay, Ashis KumarDe, G S
7-Jan-2016Studies on the corrosibn and scale inhibition in aqueous medium by low concentrations of inorganic and organic inhibitorsSaha, GurudasKurmaiah, N
7-Jan-2016Evaluation of protective properties of some paint films based on a few inorganic pigments against corrosion of metalsNandi, Sailendra NathChaudhury, Ajoy Kumar
7-Jan-2016Kinetics of emulsion polymerization of ethylmethacrylate in the aqueous mediaSatpathy, UmasankarKonar, R S
7-Jan-2016Studies on ion_associationPal, MohanpadaBagchi, Sanjib
8-Jan-2016Fluorimetric and spectrophotometric determination of trace ingredients in environmental and other samplesChattopadhyay, SibaprosadDas, Arabinda K
7-Jan-2016Indirect methods in analysis by atomic absorption spectrophotometryChakraborty, DebasisDas, Arabinda K
8-Jan-2016Separation and preconcentration of metal ions using chelating ion_exchange resin containing quinaldinic acid amide groupNiyati Das, MDas, Jyotirmay
8-Jan-2016Kinetics and mechanism of substitution of chloride ion from cis and trans dichloro bis _ethylenediamine cobalt III ion by benzoic acid and substituted benzoic acid in ethanolwater mixtureGhoshal, AmalenduSiddhanta, S K
8-Jan-2016Chemical and biochemical investigations of Indian forest seedsMandal, Bikash ChandraGhosh Majumdar, S and Maity, C R