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31-Dec-2015Mixed_ligand complexes of ruthenium_ and osmium_ bound 2__arylazo_pyridines synthesis spectra and electrochemistryMallick, Tapan KumarGhosh, B K
31-Dec-2015Studies on functional expansions and quantum_chemical variational problemsPathak, Ranjit KumarBhattacharyya, Kamal
31-Dec-2015Transition metal chemistry of 2_arylazoimidazoles synthesis characterisation and electro_chemical studiesMisra, Tarun KumarSinha, Chittaranjan
31-Dec-2015Studies on heterocyclic azo complexes of heavy metals and some analytical applicationsDas, DebasisDas, A K and Sinha, C R
31-Dec-2015A spectroscopic investigation of solvation of ground and electronically excited states of molecules in various environmentsBanerjee, DebashisBagchi, S
31-Dec-2015Separation and preconcentration of metal ions using chelating exchangersKonar, BiswajitBasu, S
31-Dec-2015Studies of different parameters of synthetic inorganic ion_exchangers and organic ion_exchange papers and their applicationsGhosh, Satya PrasannaGhatuary, R K
31-Dec-2015Coordination chemistry of N and or O chelators and analytical applications of imidazolylazo resinChattopadhyay, PabitraPal, D K and Sinha, C
31-Dec-2015Studies on production and separation of carrier free rare earths by nuclear activation techniquesNayak, DaliaLahiri, Susanta
31-Dec-2015Electrophilic ruthenium and osmium nitrosyls with some _nn_ and _no_ bidentate chelators synthesis spectra electrochemistry and reactivity patternSinha, SutapaGhosh, B K