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1-Jun-2018Chemosensors based on organic frameworks design characterization and development as biomarkersMukherjee ManjiraChattopadhyay Pabitra
25-Apr-2018Synthesis structure and molecular properties of some 3dn complexes containing multidentate organic blockers and bridgesMal Sunit KumarGhosh Rajarshi
25-Jul-2014Photophysical investigation on fullerene phthalocyanine non covalent interactionsRay, AnamikaBhattacharya, Sumanta
18-Dec-2015Coordination chemistry of some N S donor ligands with copper I II synthesis characterization structure and reactivitySarkar, SandipanChattopadhyay, Pabitra
18-Dec-2015Studies on molecular complexes involving coal derived asphal tenes in homogeneous and heterogeneous mediaGhosh, Ashish KumarBagchi, Sanjib
25-Apr-2018Chemical investigation on the plant species lagerstroemia speciosa persBasu SarmisthaAmalendu Sinhababu
12-Oct-2015Radiotracer studies on the substoichiometric estimation of some trace metal ionsBag MadhumitaBasu Sukalyan and Chattopadhyay Pabitra
1-Dec-2016Polysaccharides from sebdenia polydactyla and oryza sativa structural features chemical modification and antiviral activitiesGhosh, TuhinRay, Bimalendu
1-Dec-2016A quantum theoretical study of the 1 3_dipolar cycloaddition reactionsDas, Tapas KumarBanerjee, Manas
1-Dec-2016Studies on some metal_organic frameworks containing zinc_ii_cadmium_ii_and mercury_ii_in concert with halides or pseudohalides and organic n_donor ligandsSatapathi, SmitaGhosh, B K