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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
13-Jul-2020Structure and reactivity of ruthenium based anticancer drugs and their interaction with biomolecules A density functional approachDas, DharitriMondal, Paritosh
13-Jul-2020Synthesis Characterization and Physicochemical Properties of Size and Shape Selective Manganese Oxides and their CompositesRahaman, HasimurGhosh, Sujit Kumar
13-Jul-2020Synthesis Photoluminescence and Mesogenic Properties of Some d and f block Metal Schiff Base ComplexesDatta, ChitranivaBhattacharjee, Chira R
13-Jul-2020Self Assembly of Nanoparticles at the Liquid Liquid InterfaceAli, MohammedGhosh, Sujit Kumar
13-Jul-2020Photophysical Properties of Molecular Probes near Nanostructured Metallic SurfacesRahman, Dewan ShahidurGhosh, Sujit Kumar
13-Jul-2020Electrochemical Sensing of Some Selected Bio molecules Using Chemically Modified Gold ElectrodesBarman, KoushikJasimuddin, Sk
13-Jul-2020Chirality in Achiral Bent Shaped Molecule Synthesis and Characterization of Banana Liquid CrystalsChakraborty, NirmalangshuRao, Nandiraju V S
13-Jul-2020Synthesis Structural Assessment and Biological Studies of Some Mixedligand Complexes of CuII ZnII and CdIIGoswami, RajatBhattacharjee, Chira R
13-Jul-2020Phytochemical and Biological studies on certain Medicinal Plants of North East IndiaDevi, Sagolsem SarajuPaul, S B
13-Jul-2020Synthesis Mesomorphic and Photoluminescence Study of Strategically Designed Schiff Base Ligands and Their Complexes with Some Transition Metal IonsChakraborty, SutapaBhattacharjee, Chira R
13-Jul-2020Design Synthesis and Characterization of Substituted Chalcone Based CompoundsSaha, AmritaChoudhury, Sudip
13-Jul-2020Studies on Synthesis Characterisation and Properties of some Metal based and Carbon NanomaterialsNath, AbhijitBhattacharjee, C R
1-Jul-2016Studies on Phytochemical Biochemical and Therapeutic Characterization of Medicinally Important Plant Cleome Gynandra L CleomaceaePartha Pradip AdhikariSatya Bhusan Paul
20-Jun-2016Studies on Synthesis characterization and properties of Schiff base Complexes of some d and f block metalsHarun All Rashid PramanikPradip C. Paul and Chira R. Bhattacharjee
8-Jun-2016Influence of substituent on chirality in achiral molecules _ microwave assisted synthesis and characterisation of nonlinear shaped liquid crystalsNath, Rahul KantiRao, Nandiraju V S
8-Jun-2016Influence of substituent on the chirality in achiral molecules _ synthesis and characterisation of novel banana liquid crystalsDeb, RahulRao, Nandiraju V S
8-Jun-2016Preparation of composite materials containing layered double hydroxides _LDHs_ and their prospective application for the treatment of some environmentally harmful gasesMishra, MridusmitaBhattacharjee, Chira R and Goswamee, Rajib L
31-May-2016Design synthesis and mesogenic properties of some d_block and lanthanide metal complexesChakraborty, LopamudraRao, Nandiraju V S
31-May-2016Studies on synthesis and mesogenic properties of some d_block and f_block metals with strategically designed schiff base ligandsDas, GobindaBhattacharjee, Chira R
Collection's Items (Sorted by Upload Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 45