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25-Jan-2019Studies on genetic and molecular aspects of scribble knockdown induced tumor progression mitochondrial dysfunction and its alleviation by Isatin derivatives in Drosophila cancer modelYadav Amarish KumarSrikrishna Saripella
30-Dec-2019Study on the role of Gamma aminobutyric acid in imparting stress tolerance towards arsenite induced oxidative stress by nitric oxide and polyamines synthesis in Oryza sativaKumar, NavinSrikrishna, Saripella
24-Mar-2020Role of proteases in lymphatic filariasisWadhawan, MohitRathaur, Sushma
30-Dec-2019Maneb and paraquat induced oxidative stress in rat polymorphonuclear leukocytes Role of NADPH oxidase and mitochondrial dysfunctionShukla, SmritiPandey, H.P.
30-Dec-2019The Functional Characterization of Calmodulin Binding Transcription Activator in response to Drought stress in plantPandey, NehaPandey, H.P.
8-Jan-2020Molecular and Biochemical studies on Thymidylate kinase of filarial parasiteDoharey, Pawan KumarSushma, Rathaur
10-Jan-2020Isolation and Characterization of Microorganism for Biodesulfurization of Crude OilChauhan , Ashok KumarSingh , Surya Pratap
9-Jan-2020Characterization of thioredoxin reductase in filarial parasiteTiwari, SavitriRathaur, Sushma
8-Jan-2020Biochemical and Molecular Studies of Melanin Producing Isolates of Bipolaris sorokinianaKumar, ManojShah,Kavita; Chand, Ramesh
10-Feb-2020Molecular mechanisms of anti inflammatory agents mediated protection against cypermethrin induced nigrostriatal dopaminergic neurodegenerationSingh, AshishPrakash, Om; Singh, Mahendra Pratap