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Title: Performance Enhancement of Microstrip Antenna using Broadbanding Techniques
Researcher: Anupam Vyas
Guide(s): R.D. Gupta
University: ITM University, Gwalior
Completed Date: 2017
Abstract: The present work includes the designing of microstrip antenna at UHF and L-Band newlinefrequencies. In this thesis six microstrip antennas for UHF and L-Band frequencies newlineare presented and tried to get a better and better bandwidth for the antennas, newlineAlthough getting a desired high bandwidth at lower microwave range is a bit challenging and newlinetedious but the research gap of 10% of the bandwidth which was find out and committed to newlineget filled during RDC has been full filled. newlineSix novel microstrip antennas have been designed, fabricated and tested and the newlinebandwidth is found to be ranged from 34.82% to 71.16%. There are certain techniques of newlinegetting a high bandwidth from an microstrip antenna like the U slot cutting, shorting pins, newlineshorting patches, radiating limbs and stacking of the antenna and the optimum use of these newlinetechniques have been performed. In this research intention to get a high and high bandwidth newlineby making some U slots, radiating limbs and stacking. IE3D, the simulation software used as newlinea tool for the simulation of the antenna and after getting the desired software outcomes the newlinepractical antennas are constructed physically and checked over, there is some variation in the newlineresults but they are under tolerable limits. newlineThe main aim of getting resonance for numerous frequencies i.e. high bandwidth is newlineultimately achieved and definitely this contribution of bandwidth enhancement will be usefull newlinefor theUHF and lower microwave frequencies applications. Further want to add that there is newlinealways some scope for the betterments and believing on this, expect from new researchers newlineand myself too to get higher bandwidth than 76%. newline
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