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26-Mar-2021Isolation and Characterization of Small Molecular weight Pharmacophores from Marine Gastropods as Defense Metabolites against Oxidative Stress Induced DiseasesSoumya SalasKajal Chakraborty
19-Mar-2021Synthesis and Characterization of Agri waste Based Superabsorbent Hydrogels and Nanofibers for Wastewater Treatment and Biomedical ApplicationsKabiru BelloSarojini B. K.
27-May-2020Characterization and evaluation of small molecular bioactives and polysaccharides from the phaeophytic marine macroalga Sargassum wightii family Sargassaceae as defense metabolites against oxidative stress induced diseasesAnusree MKajal Chakraborty
26-May-2020Studies on the Preparation Characterization and the Adsorption Behaviour of Activated Charcoal originated from Agricultural waste ProductsHemashree K JIshwara Bhat
26-May-2020Preparation and Electronic Properties of Thin Films of Electroactive Organic MoleculesPriya Madhuri KNeena Susan John
26-May-2020An investigation on the effect of Areca plant extracts as corrosion inhibitors for aluminum mild steel and copper in acid and alkali mediaRaghavendra NJ. Ishwara Bhat
26-May-2020Synthetic Spectral And Structural Studies On Some N N Bis Aryl Amides Sulfonamides And N Substituted Benzylidene SulfonohydrazidesAkshatha R. SalianB. Thimme Gowda
26-May-2020Characterization and Evaluation of Small Molecular Bioactive Metabolites for antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties from Mangrove Plants Belonging to Family Acanthaceae and RhizophoraceaeVamshi Krishna RKajal Chakraborty
26-May-2020Isolation and Characterization of Bioactive Compounds from Marine Macroalgae Kappaphycus alvarezii and Gracilaria opuntiaFasina MakkarKajal Chakraborty
26-May-2020A study on structure property relations of some thermotropic liquid crystalline materialsMonika M.Veena Prasad
26-May-2020Synthesis Characterization and Applications of Copolymer based Composite HydrogelsArun Krishna KVishalakshi B
11-May-2020Preparation Characterisation and applications of Polysaccharide based amphoteric composite hydrogelsSirajo Abubakar ZauroVishalakshi B
24-Mar-2020Synthesis and Characterization of Liquid Crystalline CompoundsVeerabhadraswamy B NYelamaggad C. V.
24-Mar-2020Preparation Characterization and Applications of Chemically Modified ChitosanAnush S. MVishalakshi B
24-Mar-2020Synthesis and Biological Activity of Some Oxygen Sulphur and Nitrogen Containing Heterocyclic CompoundsMahima BhatBoja Poojary
28-Jan-2020Design and Development of C X C S and C Se Bonds on Electron Rich Systems via Oxidative C H FunctionalizationGanesh S. SorabadMahagundappa R. Maddani,
1-Aug-2019Studies on Synthesis Design and Biological Activity of Some Novel Benzoxazole Derivatives Related to a Natural Product A33853 and Fused Carbocyclic CompoundsSwarnendu SasmalSitaram Pal
1-Aug-2019Isolation and Characterization of Antioxidative and Anti inflammatory Small Molecular Bioactives from Bivalve Clams Villorita cyprinoides Gray and Paphia malabarica ChemnitzMinju JoyKajal Chakraborty
8-Jul-2019Synthesis Characterization And Pharmacological Evaluation Of Novel Heterocycles Containing Two Or More Hetero AtomsSantosh RG.K. Nagaraja
8-Jul-2019Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Some Five and Six Membered HeterocyclesShruthi NBoja Poojary
Collection's Items (Sorted by Upload Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 187