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14-Dec-2020Studies on thiazoles isoxazoles and pyrazoles of coumarinBrindha JAbbs Fen Reji T F
20-Jul-2021Synthesis characterization and biological activity of some novel schiff base metal complexes derived from heterocyclic compounds and amino acidsSubarani RMetilda P
23-Nov-2020Studies on schiff base complexes from cardanol and their bioactivitySeema AIsac Sobana Raj C
2-Feb-2022Studies on the physic chemical biological parameters and heavy metal content of selected perennial ponds in kanyakumari districtSharmila Kumari D VMary Helen H
17-Nov-2020Synthesis and characterisation of novel bio polyurethane from renewable resourcesGinju M LBegila David S
28-Jul-2021Synthesis physico chemical properties and biological activities of curcumin based schiffs based metal complexesSaritha T JMetilda P
28-Jul-2021Kinetics of polymerization using metal complex organic substrate redox system in inclusion compoundsKavitha ADuraimanickam M C
23-Aug-2021Synthesis characterization and biochemical studies of metal complexes with isoniazid derivativesVijimalar RLeema Rose G
24-Aug-2021A study of the seasonal variation of physicochemical and heavy metals characteristics in the sewage wastes groundwater and the occupational health status of the people inthe avaniyapuram sewage treatment plantKandasamy KDheenadayalan M S
15-Feb-2022A study of the impact of paper and pulp industry and chemical based industrial effluent in tamiraparani river at tirunelveli district with special reference to the surface water ground water heavy metals and the health of the peoplePrabudoss Kumar LDheenadayalan M


Year Completed