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11-Apr-2018Mat study on suspected pediatric leptospirosis cases of salem leptospiral pcr study on sphH sds pace study on its protein before and after treatment with a couple of medecinal plant extractsSardhai PSaravanan R
11-Apr-2018Studies on molecular epidemiology and moelecular docking of salmoella typhimurium isolated from poultry environment in namakkal district tamil nadu indiaPrakash BPerumal P
11-Apr-2018Studis on tissue culture biochemical molecular analysis and synthesis of nanoparticles from two important edible bamboo species of nanoparticles from two important edible bamboo speciesKalaiarasi KVenkstachalam P
31-May-2017Studies on polycystic ovary syndrome pcos in adolescent women population and the efficacy of the synthesized biomolecules coated chitosan nanoparticles against pcos induced rats and human cervical siha cancer cell linesSujima anbu AVenkatachalam P
31-May-2017The potential use of agro industrial waste as substrates for the production of bacterial enzymes under solid state fermentationSelvam KSenthilkumar B
31-May-2017Studies oncadium chromium and lead heavy metal toxicity induced biochemical andmolecular changes and lead nanoparticle synthesis in vetiver chrysopogan zizanioides l robertyManikandan RVenkatachalam P
30-May-2017Micropropagation of rauwolfia serpentina for enchancement of reserpine production and its transgenecityGomathi MGopinath L R
30-May-2017Characterization and genetic engineering of gene sequence of putrificating bacteriaGehitha T RGopinath L R
30-May-2017Studies on human papilloma virus oncoproteins e6 e7 regulation in cervical cancer and in silico in vitro inhibition of oncoproteins using idaein chlorideNatarajan TPerumal P
30-May-2017Cloning and expression of a novel cry2a gene from bacillus thuringiensis swk1 and its insecticidal activityReyaz ahmad loneIndra arulselvi P
30-May-2017Role of microrna155 and itstarget fox03a gene regulation in cell lineKeerthana RPerumal P
26-May-2017Implication of fungalgrowth in poultry management and biogas productionAllimuthu VGopinath L R
26-May-2017Molecular impact of taxifolin against 1 2 dimethylylhydrazine induced colon carcinogenesisManigandan KElangovan N
26-May-2017Pharmacological persuasions agains super bug staphylococcus aureus infection an epidemiological approachPavan kumar padarthiElangovan N
26-May-2017Biochemical and molecular mechanism of cypermethrin resistance in redhairy caterpillar amsacta albistriga walkerMuthusamy RShivakumar M S
23-Dec-2015Comparative evaluation of antimicrobial phytochemical and antioxidant activities of wild and micropropagated aerva speciesKamalanathan DNatarajan D
23-Dec-2015Mercury and lead heavy metal toxicity induced biochemical and molecular changes and lead metal nanoparticle synthesis in two hyperaccumulator plants sesbania grandiflora l poiret and eichhornia crassipes martMalar SVenkatachalam P
23-Dec-2015Studies on in vitro propagation genetic as well as phytochemical diversity and evaluation of antidiabetic activities of biomolecules loaded chitosan nanoparticles synthesized from two medicinal plants gymnema sylvestre r br and stevia rebaudiana bertThiyagarajan MVenkatachalam P
23-Dec-2015Discovery of novel human histone deacetylase hdac inhibitors from marine sponges for the treatment of cancerPazhanimuthu APerumal P
23-Dec-2015Bioactivity guided isolation and structural elucidation of antimicrobial antioxidant and larvicidal compounds from elaeagnus indica and memecylon edule and their molecular docking studiesSrinivasan RNatarajan D
Collection's Items (Sorted by Upload Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 39