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21-Aug-2019Studies On The Dry Scrub Thorny Vegetation Of Annamalai Reserve Forest Tiruvannamalai District Tamil Nadu IndiaM. PANDIANS. NATARAJAN
21-May-2019Phytochemical Analysis And Pharmacological Investigation Of The Marine Red Alga Champia Parvula C Agardh HarveyR. VINOTH KUMARS. MURUGESAN
21-May-2019Anti microbial Antioxidant Anti hemolytic and Anti cancer activity from Leaf and Callus extract of Eupatorium triplinerve VahlS.USHAS.KARPAGAM
20-Mar-2019Study Of The Medicinal Plant Saccharum Spontaneum L For Its Anatomical Phytochemical Antioxidant Antibacterial And Anticancer PropertiesM. THILAGAMR. PANDIAN
18-Apr-2019Studies On Fungal Diversity In The Coastal Regions Of Bay Of Bengal And Production Purification And Characterization Of Chitosanase From Penicillium Chrysogenum ThomN. KARTHIKEYANP. Palani
24-Dec-2019Production of Chitin Deacetylase by Bacillus cereus TK19 its Application in Bioconversion of Chitin into Chitosan and Green Synthesis of Chitosan Nanoparticles for Biological ApplicationsRAVIKUMAR MK. PERINBAM
30-Dec-2019In Vitro Anticancer And Antioxidant Activity Of Bioactive Principles From Brown Seaweed Turbinaria Ornata Turner J AgardhBHARATH BK. PERINBAM
30-Dec-2019Studies on the Ethnomedicinal resources and their utilization by the indigenous people of Sivaganga district Tamilnadu IndiaLatha RMujeera Fathima
31-Dec-2019Exploitation of a Bacterial Strain isolated from Hard Plant Shell Wastes for composting Sugarcane leaf and its Application in AgricultureAsif Jamal G AMUJEERA FATHIMA
25-Sep-2019Studies On The Potentials Of Delonix Elata L And Peltophorum Pterocarpum Dc Baker Ex K Heyne Towards Dye Extraction And Its Biocomponents As Natural MedicineB. AMALAT. V. POONGUZHALI