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21-Aug-2019Isolation Purification And Characterization Of Bioactive Compounds From Dictyota Indica Sonder Ex K├╝tzingD. RACHELN. THANGARAJU
8-Jan-2019pharmacognostic evaluation of in vitro hepatoprotective and antiviral activity against varicella zoster virus from bioactive compounds of eclipta prostrata l l and sphagneticola calendulacea l pruskiW. JOHN WYSOND.ANAND
8-Jan-2019cultural and economic uses of plants by the adi tribe of arunachal pradesh indiaNUNG BOKOD. Narasimhan
8-Jan-2019morphological anatomical phytochemical and molecular studies and dna barcoding of morinda citrifolia l noni morphotypes in south indiaV. ROOPAN. Mathivanan
29-Jan-2020A Study On The Properties Of Panchakavya And Its Effect On Crop Yield And Soil FertilityRAMYA VS. KARPAGAM
29-Jan-2020Impact of Growth Promoting Substances on the Growth Parameters of Tannery Effluent Fed Crotalaria juncea LMythili MMujeera Fathima
18-Apr-2019Studies On Fungal Diversity In The Coastal Regions Of Bay Of Bengal And Production Purification And Characterization Of Chitosanase From Penicillium Chrysogenum ThomN. KARTHIKEYANP. Palani
21-May-2019Phytochemical Analysis And Pharmacological Investigation Of The Marine Red Alga Champia Parvula C Agardh HarveyR. VINOTH KUMARS. MURUGESAN
21-May-2019Anti microbial Antioxidant Anti hemolytic and Anti cancer activity from Leaf and Callus extract of Eupatorium triplinerve VahlS.USHAS.KARPAGAM
20-Mar-2019Study Of The Medicinal Plant Saccharum Spontaneum L For Its Anatomical Phytochemical Antioxidant Antibacterial And Anticancer PropertiesM. THILAGAMR. PANDIAN