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24-Nov-2017Isolation and characterization of bioactive compounds from selected endophytic fungiSenthil Kumar, VKumaresan, S
3-Feb-2021Anatomical Perspectives Of Barks Of Some Mangrove Trees In The East Coast Of Tamilnadu IndiaHaridass BV Krishnan
5-Nov-2020Production Purification And Characterization Of Eumelanin From Prauserella Sp And Its Biological ApplicationsGandhishreeP Palani
6-Jan-2021Five Tiered Biological Approach To Identify The High Camptothecin Yielding Ecotypes Of Nothapodytes Nimmoniana J Graham Mabb From Western Ghats IndiaCordilea HannahE. Joyce Sudandara Priya
6-Jan-2021Studies On Antimicrobial Anticancer And Molecular Docking Analysis Of Selected Soil Bacterial MetabolitesRam Kumar AS Kumaresan
3-Feb-2021Phytochemical And Molecular Studies Of Salacia SpectesPriya GT Sekar
7-Jan-2021Plant Diversity And Community Phylogeny Of Tropical Forests In Kolli Hills Southern Eastern Ghats Of Tamil Nadu IndiaDevanathan KD. Narasimhan
7-Jan-2021Distribution Diversity And Taxonomy Of Desmids Zygnematophyceae In Tamil Nadu India Supplemented With SEM Observation And Molecular Identification Of Cosmarium Subcostatum Nordstedt And Cosmarium Laeve Rabenhorst Using Rbcl MarkerMaheswari KM.Baluswami
7-Jan-2021Purification And Characterization Of Astaxanthin Produced By Haematococcus Lacustris Girod Chantrans Rostafinski Hpi 001 And Its Antioxidant And Antiproliferative ActivitiesRamamoorthy KS. Nagaraj
8-Jan-2021Studies On The Secondary Metabolites Produced By Chaetomium Aureum And Penicillium OchrocholoronThamilvanan DS Kumaresan