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25-Feb-2021Intramolecular Charge Transfer Interactions And Excited State Symmetry Breaking In Triarylamine Based Multipolar MoleculesThamarai Selvi PS Easwramoorthi
25-Feb-2021Synthesis Of Aminoglucosides And Curcumin Conjugated Biopolymers Protected Silver Nanoparticles And Polymers Protected Copper And Silver Nanoparticles For Antibacterial And Catalysis StudiesRamya RK Pandian
7-Jan-2021Synthesis Characterization Of 12 Phosphotungstic Acid Zirconia And Their Polyaniline Polypyrrole Nanohybrids For Photocatalysis And Biological StudiesSampurnam SV Narayanan
17-Sep-2020Biochemical studies on the anti inflammatory activity of cleome gynandra L and the anti diabetic property of Murraya koenigii L spreng Leaf extract in experimental ratsNarendhirakannan R TKandaswamy M
5-Sep-2020Synthesis and characterization of oxime oxamide based receptors and their complexes electrochemical magnetic catalytic and sensor studiesSaravanakumar DKandaswamy M
5-Sep-2020Macrocyclic Tet A ligands with N Functionalized pendant arms and their copper II and Nickel II complexes Electrochemical Magnetic and catalytic studiesSengottuvelan NKandaswamy M
5-Sep-2020Synthesis Characterization Of New Binuclear Macrocyclic And Acyclic Copper II Nickel II And Zinc II Complexes Their Electrochemical DNA Binding And Cleavage StudiesAnjana Lakshmi.S.HK. Pandian
26-Aug-2020Photophysical and photochemical studies on photoinduced electron transfer based acridinedione dyes in micellar systemsLakshmanan RRamamurthy P
26-Aug-2020Synthesis and characterization of new lateral macrobicyclic tricompartmental ligands and their copper II Nickel II and Zinc II complexes catalytic electrochemical and magnetic studiesThirumavalavan MKandaswamy M
26-Aug-2020Photooxidation studies of nickel II complexes of azamacrocyclic ligands in aqueous and non aqueous solventsPrakash HNatarajan P
16-Mar-2020New N functionalized cyclam and tet a based macrocyclic homo and hetero binuclear copper II nickel II and manganese III complexes electrochemical magnetic catalytic and biological studiesPrabu RNarayanan V
4-Mar-2020Synthesis and characterization of metal nanoparticles and their applications in drug analysis and electrocatalysisNirmala Grace APandian K
4-Mar-2020Synthesis characterization and studies on polymers containing metal complexesAnthonysamy ABalasubramanian S
26-Feb-2020Synthesis and characterization of push pull picket fence and n confused substituted tetraphenylporphyrins and their complexesRajesh KNarayanan V
26-Feb-2020Synthesis characterisation and metal ion absorption properties of chitosan derivatives bearing mono binucleating and cross linking ligandsKrishnapriya K RKandaswamy M
29-Jan-2020Electrochemical catalytic and antimicrobial studies of N functionalized cyclam tet a and 5 12 dioxo cyclam based macrocyclic copper II nickel II and zinc II complexesNirmala GNarayanan V
29-Jan-2020Synthesis and characterization of new vanadium binuclear complexes catalytic electrochemical and biological studiesLeelavathy LKandaswamy M
29-Jan-2020Synthesis and characterization of thiocyanato diethyl dimethyl piperidinyl and marpholinyl dithio carbamato complexes of some metal ionsRaju RDurai V
29-Jan-2020Metalloporphyrins encapsulated mesoporous molecular sieves synthesis characterization and their catalytic activityKalilur Rahiman ANarayanan V
30-Dec-2019Studies on the dynamics of fluorophore bound macromolecules and their self organisation behaviour in aqueous solutionsRaja CNatarajan P
Collection's Items (Sorted by Upload Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 87