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26-Mar-2019Studies on plasma lipids enzymes and related changes in type II diabetes mellitus effect of an extract from Gymnema sylvestre R BrBaskaran.KRadha Shanmugasundaram.K
20-Mar-2019Biochemical studies on diabetes in the tropics with particular reference to erythrocyte insulin receptors and the pathogenetic role of non enzymatic glycosylation of proteins in some long term complications of diabetesKuzhali.D.A.SSusheela.L
20-Mar-2019Effect Of Bisphenol A On Endocrine Pancreatic Insulin Gene Expression Insulin Signal Transduction And Glut4 Translocation In The Gastrocnemius Muscle Of Adult Male RatVIGNESWARI.MK. Balasubramanian
20-Mar-2019Studies on estrogen receptorsVasundara.A.NUdayachander.M
20-Mar-2019Studies on 7 12 dimethylbenzanthracene DMBA induced mammary tumour antigenVenkateswaran.SUdayachander.M
15-Feb-2019Mycotoxicoses some biochemical studies on the mycotoxin zearalenone produced by fusarium graminearum and its derivative zearalanolLatha M.VShanmugasundaram
13-Feb-2019Alterations in blood glucose homeostasis and lipid metabolism in the liver and kidney in diabetes mellitus effect of a ahypoglycaemic extract of gymnema sylvestre R BrVijendran.NRadha Shanmugasundaram.K
29-Jan-2019Mycotoxicoses : Biochemical studies on the mycotoxin cyclopiazonic acidRathinavelu AShanmugasundaram E R B
29-Jan-2019Mycotoxicoses biochemical studies on the mycotoxin terreic acid produced by Aspergillus terreusParameswari Shanmugam.C.SShanmugasundaram.E.R.B
29-Jan-2019Metabolic alterations in liver and kidney due to chronic ethanol ingestion controlled by skv a new indian drugUmarani.DRadhashanmugasundram
8-Jan-2019Osteogenic Induction Of Human Adipose Derived Stem Cells With Lanthanum Ions And In Vitro Evaluation Of Its ApplicationD. HARINIRama Rajaram
5-Dec-2018Effect of fermented fish waste Gunapaselam on growth and biological nitrogen fixation with special reference to nodulating nodD and nitrogen fixing nifD nifK nifH genes in Vigna radiata Green gram An approach towards waste management and sustainable agricultureTHENDRAL HEPSIBHA BGEETHA A
5-Dec-2018Motor Dysfunctional And Behavioural Changes In Lumbricus Terrestris An Invertebrate Model Of Degeneration On Rotenone Exposure Implications Of Cerebral Ganglionic Variations And Impact Of Asiaticoside D The Neuroprotective Molecule From Centella AsiaticaSUBARAJA MVANISREE A J
4-Dec-2018A study on the efficacy of pullulan Hydrogel on wound healing in Normal and diabetic ratsV. SANGEETHA PRIYAL. SUGUNA
26-Nov-2018Nardostachys Jatamansi DC alleviates Ketamine induced Schizophrenia like characteristics in rats and in all trans Retinoic Acid differentiated SHSY5Y cell lineANJALI JANARDHANANVANISREE A J
20-Nov-2018Biochemical evaluation of hypoglycemic hypolipidemic and antioxidant properties of sinapic acid a hydroxycinnamic acid derivative studied in high fat diet fed low dose stz induced experimental type 2 diabetes in ratsNithya, rSubramanian, s
17-Oct-2018Some biochemical Studies on the edibility of manga kernel fatNiranjali SivasithamparamShanmugasundram.E.R.B
17-Oct-2018Nutritional and biochemical studies of drumstick moringa oleifera leaf protein concentrateSaroja NShanmugasundram.E.R.B
17-Oct-2018Nutritional and biochemical studies of agathi sesbania grandiflora leaf protein concentrateGovindan SShanmugasundaram E.R.B
Collection's Items (Sorted by Upload Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 257