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9-Sep-2019Studies On Nano Photocatalysts Design And Development Of Zno Based Hybrid Semiconductor Nanocrystalline Materials For Enhancing Photocatalytic ActivitiesSARANYA RAMACHANDRANA. SIVASAMY
21-Aug-2019Itaconic Acid Based Biodegradable Aliphatic Polyesters Synthesis Characterization Cytotoxic And In Vitro Drug Release StudiesGOWSIKA.JR.NANTHINI
21-Aug-2019Synthesis And Spectral Characterization Of Mononuclear Transition Metal Ii Complexes Antimicrobial Antioxidant Anticancer And Molecular Docking StudiesMANCHA MADHA.KN. RAMALAKSHMI
21-Aug-2019Comparative Studies On The Catalytic And Biomedical Applications Of Magnetic Metal Ferrite Mfe2o4 M Zn Co Cu Ni Nanoparticles Prepared By Conventional And Microwave Combustion MethodKOMBAIAH.KJ. JUDITH VIJAYA
21-Aug-2019Investigation Of Cdse And Znse Nanoparticles As Counter Electrodes In Dye Sensitized Solar CellCELINE ROSE .I.RA. Jeya Rajendran
21-Aug-2019A Study On The Synthesis And Characterisation Of Certain Polymeric Nanocomposites For Biomedical ApplicationsCHANDRA KUMARIV. JAISANKAR
25-Sep-2019In Vitro Anti Proliferative In Silico Docking And Theoretical Studies Of New Pyridazine Based Nickel Ii Copper Ii And Zinc Ii ComplexesMUHAMMED RAFI.UA. KALILUR RAHIMAN
21-Aug-2019Structural And Electronic Effects Of Multi Carbon Supported Palladium Alloy Catalysts For Membraneless Fuel CellsVIJAYARAMALINGAM.KB. MUTHUKUMARAN
12-Apr-2019Synthesis Characterization Biological Evolution And Insilico Analysis On Certain Medicinally Important HeterocyclesS. LAKSHMANANN. RAMALAKSHMI
8-Jul-2019An Investigation To Study The Phyto Re Meditative Capacity Of Canna L in A Indica Chromium Contained Site Using Soil Additives And Zero valent Nano IronShyamala.G.EJoel Karunakaran.R