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25-Sep-2019Studies On Polymer Bio Nanocomposites Preparation Characterization And Biocompatibility Studies On Polycaprolactone Based Nanocomposite Electrospun Scaffolds For Bone Defect ApplicationsP. HARIKRISHNANA. SIVASAMY
25-Sep-2019Synthesis And Characterization Of M Cr Fe O M Ni Co Zn Oxides And Dissolution Kinetics In Oxidizing MediaBALAJI. VDr. S. Velmurugan
4-Dec-2018Synthesis of Novel Morita Baylis Hillman Adducts from Unusual Activated Acrylates as Michael Acceptors and their Synthetic Transformations into Functionalized HeterocyclesK. MALINIP. SHANMUGAM
4-Dec-2018The relevance of acoustical method in assessing The strength of molecular non covalent interactions in ternary liquid mixturesA. JUSTIN ADAIKALA BASKARD. ROOP SINGH
16-May-2019Facile Ctab And Microwave Assisted Synthesis Characterization And Applications Of Nanostructured Cobalt Ferrite And Zinc OxideAMIRTHAVALLI.CPRINCE.A.A.M
4-Dec-2018Synthesis Characterization and Biological Studies Of Some New Heterocyclic Compounds From 2 Hydroxy 1 Naphthaldehyde Schiff BasesV. SELVAMANIS. MAHALAKSHMI
4-Dec-2018Synthesis structural studies anti microbial and anticancer activities of supramolecular complexes of cucurbit 6 uril with benzamide ionic liquid and metal ionsT. JABA PRIYAR. WILFRED SUGUMAR
21-May-2019Synthesis And Characterization Of Pyrazolium Pyridinium Type Of Ionic Liquids And Its ApplicationsTAMILARASANK. GANESAN
21-May-2019Highly Stereoselective Synthesis Of Chiral Drugs And Intermediates And Its Novel Biological EvaluationABIRAMI.KK.S. MEENA
21-May-2019Synthesis Characterisation Of Chitosan Metal Oxide Nanocomposites Fabricated With Herbs And Their Biomedical ApplicationsShanthi,PS. Kothai