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21-Aug-2019Itaconic Acid Based Biodegradable Aliphatic Polyesters Synthesis Characterization Cytotoxic And In Vitro Drug Release StudiesGOWSIKA.JR.NANTHINI
4-Dec-2018Synthesis Characterization and Biological Studies Of Some New Heterocyclic Compounds From 2 Hydroxy 1 Naphthaldehyde Schiff BasesV. SELVAMANIS. MAHALAKSHMI
4-Dec-2018Synthesis of Novel Morita Baylis Hillman Adducts from Unusual Activated Acrylates as Michael Acceptors and their Synthetic Transformations into Functionalized HeterocyclesK. MALINIP. SHANMUGAM
4-Dec-2018The relevance of acoustical method in assessing The strength of molecular non covalent interactions in ternary liquid mixturesA. JUSTIN ADAIKALA BASKARD. ROOP SINGH
4-Dec-2018Synthesis structural studies anti microbial and anticancer activities of supramolecular complexes of cucurbit 6 uril with benzamide ionic liquid and metal ionsT. JABA PRIYAR. WILFRED SUGUMAR
16-May-2019Facile Ctab And Microwave Assisted Synthesis Characterization And Applications Of Nanostructured Cobalt Ferrite And Zinc OxideAMIRTHAVALLI.CPRINCE.A.A.M
24-Feb-2020Impact Of Communication Media On Socio Economic Development Of Rural Households A StudyKrishnamoorthiA.Abdul Raheem
12-Apr-2019Synthesis Characterization Biological Evolution And Insilico Analysis On Certain Medicinally Important HeterocyclesS. LAKSHMANANN. RAMALAKSHMI
18-Apr-2019Heavy metal load and their potential risk in marine environment along the Southeast coast of India with special focus on uranium cytotoxicity in Scylla serrata Forskal 1775S. Barath KumarK. K. Satpathy
21-May-2019Highly Stereoselective Synthesis Of Chiral Drugs And Intermediates And Its Novel Biological EvaluationABIRAMI.KK.S. MEENA