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5-Feb-2019Synthesis And Characterization Of Heterocyclic Polymers For Their Immobilization On Different SurfacesMURUGAN PA. B. MANDAL
13-Feb-2019Homo And Heteroscorpionate Based Metal Ii Complexes Theoretical Antioxidant Antimicrobial In Vitro Cytotoxicity And Molecular Docking StudiesS. JAYAKUMARA. KALILUR RAHIMAN
8-Jan-2019synthesis characterization and multispectroscopic study on dna binding propensity of m ii complexes based on n4 donor schiff base ligandsK. THIRUCHENDIL MUTHUP. VENKATESH
25-Sep-2019Adsorption Of Textile Dyes Using Low Cost AdsorbentsM.K. RAMANG. MUTHURAMAN
27-Dec-2019Understanding Collagen Functionalized Nanomaterial Interaction For Tuning Biological ApplicationsVEDHANAYAGAM MS. GURUSAMY
24-Dec-2019Molecular Interaction Studies Of Certain Organic And Inorganic Compounds By Ultrasonic MethodSHERIF AS. CHIDAMBARA VINAYAGAM
24-Dec-2019Investigations On Morphological Fine Tuning Of Hydroxyapatite Nanoparticles By L Arginine Functionalization Towards Electrochemical Sensing Of Heavy Metal Ions And DopamineSaranya SP. WILSON
24-Dec-2019Protective Effect Of Pyrazole Thiadiazole And Benzotriazole Derivatives On The Corrosion Of Brass In Neutral Chloride MediaPARKAVI RN. RAMALAKSHMI
11-Apr-2019Synthesis Characterization And Study Of Certain Random Copolyesters Containing 4 4 Oxybis Benzoic Acid Moiety And Their Composite NanofibersM.MAYAVATHID. ROOP SINGH
27-Dec-2019Physico Chemical Studies Of Solute Solute And Solute Solvent Interactions Of Benzoic Acid And Substituted Benzoic Acids In Aqueous Ethanol MixturesJAGAN RAJ SS. BANGARU SUDARSAN ALWAR