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30-Dec-2019Studies on the semi synthetic modifications and structure activity relationship of selected limonoids from azadiracta indica leavesAnitha GNarasimhan S
30-Dec-2019Syntheses characterization single crystal analyses and humidity sensing properties of group 6 sulfidometal complexes and oxide compositesSuman PokhrelNagaraja K S
30-Dec-2019Physicochemical studies on heterobinuclear compounds composites and complexes of molybdenum and tungsten with relevance to humidity sensors and photogalvanic cellsEdwin Suresh Raj A MNagaraja K S
30-Dec-2019Synthesis and reactivity of coordinated bidentate monothio and#946; Diketonate and tetradentate thioiminated schiff base ligands of metal II and metal III transition metal ionsMerlin MBalasubramanian V
27-Dec-2019Understanding Collagen Functionalized Nanomaterial Interaction For Tuning Biological ApplicationsVEDHANAYAGAM MS. GURUSAMY
27-Dec-2019Synthesis Of Nanoscale Mesoporous Hydroxyapatite Particles Using Triton X 100 As An Organic Modifier Towards Electrochemical Sensing Of Uric AcidIYYAPPAN EP. WILSON
27-Dec-2019Synthesis and Characterization of Selected Nanocrystalline Core Shell Materials for Biomedical and Environmental ApplicationsAlimunnisa JK. S. MEENA
27-Dec-2019Physico Chemical Studies Of Solute Solute And Solute Solvent Interactions Of Benzoic Acid And Substituted Benzoic Acids In Aqueous Ethanol MixturesJAGAN RAJ SS. BANGARU SUDARSAN ALWAR
27-Dec-2019Synthesis characterization and relaxivity studies of gadolinium III complexes of glucose appended DO3A and tetranuclear Gd III complex of DO3A as contrast enhancing agents for MRIJebasingh BAlexander V
24-Dec-2019Synthesis electrochemical and luminescence studies of polynuclear tolylterpyridine ruthenium II complexes appended on to triazine III and europium III macrocyclesPremkumar S S DAlexander V
24-Dec-2019Molecular Interaction Studies Of Certain Organic And Inorganic Compounds By Ultrasonic MethodSHERIF AS. CHIDAMBARA VINAYAGAM
24-Dec-2019Protective Effect Of Pyrazole Thiadiazole And Benzotriazole Derivatives On The Corrosion Of Brass In Neutral Chloride MediaPARKAVI RN. RAMALAKSHMI
24-Dec-2019Investigations On Morphological Fine Tuning Of Hydroxyapatite Nanoparticles By L Arginine Functionalization Towards Electrochemical Sensing Of Heavy Metal Ions And DopamineSaranya SP. WILSON
24-Dec-2019Synthesis and reactivity of polyamine bridged tetradentate schiff base chelates of transition metal ions spectral ultrasonic and cv studies of certain dyes and metallodyesLilly K OCharles Christopher Kanagam
21-Nov-2019Kinetic study of oxidation of some substituted aldonitrones with cr VI complexesRajarajan GJayachandramani N
21-Nov-2019Induced electron transfer reactions in pentaammine cobalt III complexes of and#945; hydroxy acids in micellar mediumMansur AhamadRajendiran T V
21-Nov-2019H and#960; Hydrogen bonded complexes Matrix isolation infrared and AB initio computational studiesSundararajan KViswanathan K S
21-Nov-2019Synthesis characterisation and antimicrobial activity of some benozoxazoles benzimidazoles and 1 2 3 4 tetrazolesPadmavathi RRadhakrishnan T R
21-Nov-2019Studies in the synthesis and reactions of Benzo C 2 6 NaphthyridinesMani DRajamanickam P
21-Nov-2019Sytheses characterization and humidity sensing properties of group VI oxometallate composites and binuclear complexes including LxSr1x CrO3 L Sm or DySundaram RNagaraja K S
Collection's Items (Sorted by Upload Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 437