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14-Jul-2016Alternate cry toxin targets in a lepidopteran insect pest achaea janataJacob, Thuirei NingshenGupta, Aparna Dutta
14-Jul-2016Role of lymphotoxin and#945; in neuronal cell death during fatal murine cerebral malariaEeka, PrabhakarPrakash Babu, P
27-Jul-2018Antimicrobial responses in the male reproductive tract insights into the regulatory mechanisms and the potential to limit infectionsBiswas, BirnaliYenugu, Sursh
12-Jul-2016Isolation characterization and engineering of Pseudomonas jinjuensis biotype acephalyticus for degradation of wide range of organophosphatesPinjari Aleem BashaDayananda, S
12-Jul-2016Studies of circadian profile of a diurnal rodent Funambulus palmarum South Indian palm squirrel neural regulation of suprachiasmatic nucleus entrainmentMammen, Anumodh PazhoorJagota, Anita
12-Jul-2016Molecular cloning and expression analysis of vasa dmrt1 sox9 and tryptophan hydroxylase during sex differentiation and gonadal recrudescence in catfishRaghuveer, KSenthilkumaran, B
12-Jul-2016Molecular mechanisms involved in the antiinflammatory and anti proliferative properties of chebulagic acid a COX 2 5 LOX dual inhibitorChandrani AchariReddanna, P
12-Jul-2016JNK and ER stress signaling pathways mediate neuronal cell death in Experimental cerebral malaria Role of SP600125 and Pentoxifylline as neuroprotective agentsSripada, Santosh AnandPrakash Babu, P
12-Jul-2016Impact of increased atmospheric CO2 concentration on photosynthesis growth and productivity in a field grown tree species Gmelina arborea RoxbGirish Kumar, RReddy, Attipalli R
12-Jul-2016Silk genes and their regulation in stored grain pest corcyra cephalonicaChaitanya, R KGupta, Aparna Dutta