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21-Aug-2017Integrated approach for fusarium wilt management of pigeonpea Cajanus cajan L MillspSingh, Manoj KumarSingh, Dhananjay
14-Aug-2017Studies on phomopsis blight of brinjal with special reference to variability and managemnet of Phomopsis Vexans SACC SYD harter the incitant of diseaseSingh, MukeshSingh, Dhananjai
17-Aug-2017Invetigations on viral diseases infecting sunflower Helianthus Annus L in IndiaSingh, Rajneesh KumarSingh, Dhanajai
23-Aug-2017Integrated approach for the management of sclerotinia blight of brinjal Solanum Melongena LPandey, JyotirmaySingh, Dhananjai
29-Aug-2017Studies on sclerotinia stem rot of fennel Foeniculum Vulgare Mill with special reference to its managementSingh, Ashok KumarSingh, Dhananjai
29-Aug-2017Evaluation of germplasm for resistance and management of die back disease of chillies Capsicum annuum LSingh, Vinod KumarSingh, Lallan
29-Aug-2017Studies on bio control potential of bacterial antagonist Pseudomonas Fluorescens occurring naturally in different cropping systems followed in PurvanchalSingh, Anil KumarSingh, Dhananjai
17-Aug-2017Survey and management of foot and leaf rot disease of betelvine in U PSingh, Ajeet PratapSingh, Dhananjay
14-Aug-2017Study on an edible mushroom Pleurotus Sajor Caju Fr singerSingh, Uday PratapSingh, Dhananjai
14-Aug-2017Identification characterization of virus es infecting papaya Carica Papaya L and their eco friendly managementSingh, Sushil KumarSingh, Ramesh