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12-Sep-2018Catabolism of 4 toluenesulfonate by a newly isolated phototrophic gammaproteobacterium marichromatium spShobha, ERamana, Venkata
12-Sep-2018Photometabolism of 2 aminobenzoate anthranilate by rhodobacter sphaeroides ou5Sunayana, M RRamana, Venkata
12-Sep-2018Molecular analysis of resistance responses of arachis diogoi to infection by phaeoisariopsis personata and characterization of some pathogen induced genesDilip KumarKirti, P B
12-Sep-2018Genomic insights and metabolism of indole by rubrivivax benzoatilyticus ja2Arvind IRamana, V
12-Sep-2018Characterization of polymorphism in chromoplast specific phytoene synthase gene psy1 of tomatoMickey, HanjabamSharma, R P
12-Sep-2018Root system plasticity to water stress tolerance in a food legume mungbean vigna radiata l wilczekSengupta, DebashreeReddy, Attipalli R
12-Sep-2018Lead induced toxicity and tolerance in talinum triangulare jacq willdAbhay KumarPrasad, M N V
12-Sep-2018Guard cell signal transduction role of secondary messengers during stomatal closure mediated by abscisic acid pyrabactin and microbial elicitorsRao Puli, MallikarjunaRaghavendra, A S
12-Sep-2018Studies on various strategies to develop transgenic castor tolerant to botrytis grey mold using defense regulatory genesBhavani, Durga K BDinesh Kumar V
12-Sep-2018Isolation of new alleles of phytochrome genes of tomatoThomas, SherinmolSharma, R P
12-Sep-2018Cysteine protease cystatin combination as an alternate strategy to barnase barstar system for pollination control in plantsShukla, PavanKirti, P B
12-Sep-2018L phenylalanine catabolic multitasking and metabolic shift in rubrivivax benzoatilyticus ja2Prasuna, Lakshmi MRamana V
12-Sep-2018Molecular cloning and functional validation of bacterial blight resistance genes in riceAnirudh KumarGhazi, Irfan Ahmad
12-Sep-2018In vivo and in vitro characterization of annexin 3 from brassica juncea l czern coss bjann3 concerning oxidative stress responseDalal, AhanKirti, P B
12-Sep-2018Elucidating the molecular diversity pattern of major bacterial blight r genes and identification of candidate bacterial blight resistance genes in riceBimolata, WaikhomGhazi, Irfan Ahmad
12-Sep-2018Structural and mutational analysis of transglycosylation by chitinase d from serratia proteamaculansMadhuprakash JRao, Podila Appa
14-Aug-2018Ferritin in vigna mungo l hepper black gram some functional aspectsKumar, Rama TPrasad, M N V
14-Jul-2016Photosynthetic characteristics of Arabidopsis mutants deficient in ascorbate alternative oxidase and NADP malate dehydrogenase in relation to the redox statusTalla, Sai KrishnaRaghavendra, A S
14-Jul-2016Studies on various strategies to develop transgenic Castor tolerant to Botrytis grey mold using defense regulatory genesDurga Bhavani, K BDinesh Kumar, V
14-Jul-2016Importance of reactive oxygen species and nitric oxide during chitosan induced stomatal closure in Pisum sativum and Arabidopsis thalianaNupurRaghavendra, A S
Collection's Items (Sorted by Upload Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 81