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25-Apr-2014Synergistic effect of phosphonates and Zn2 on the inhibition of corrosion of mild steel in neutral aqueous environmentRajendran, SApparao, B V
2-Nov-2016Electrochemical sensor for biologically important molecules based on functionalized thiadiazole modified electrodesKalimuthu, PAbraham John, S
24-Sep-2018Spectral and theoretical studies on the charge transfer complexes biologically significant molecules with 1 4 benzoquinonesBalraj, CElango, KP
24-Sep-2018Modification of electrodes with gold nanoparticles graphene and their composites for electrocatalytic applicationsAmal Raj, MAbraham John, S
24-Sep-2018Synthesis characterization and ion sensing catalytic applications of four coordinated co III ni II and cu II complexesMadhupriya, SElango, KP
3-Oct-2018Thermal and photoinduced reduction of the metal centre of cobalt III complexes in mixed solvents and in presence of semicoductor catalystDevaraj Stephen, LAnbalagan, K
3-Oct-2018Synthesis characterisation and applications of interpenetrating polymer network based on natural rubber and polymethyl methacrylateJacobjohnAnitha pius
3-Oct-2018Design Synthesis and Sensing Behaviour of Chemo Receptors for Colorimetric Detection of Cyanide and Fluoride IonsJayasudha, PElango, KP
17-Jun-2015Inhibition of corrosion of carbon steel in chloride environment by 2 chlorethyl phosphonic acid zn2 systemJohn Amalraj, ASundaravadivelu, M
17-Jun-2015Development of polymeric ligands as novel metal ion removing reagentsOtchan, VGirish Kumar, K