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23-Oct-2017Synthesis of prodrugs of selected antihypertensive agents and their in vitro assessment for transdermal deliveryB., ANROOPGhosh, Bijaya and Khanam, Jasmina
8-Aug-2017Role of 1and#945; 25 Dihydroxy vitamin D3 on cellular proliferation apoptosis and p53 gene expression in experimental rat liver carcinogenesisShyam Sundar A.Chatterjee, Malay and Kanjilal, N.B.
13-Oct-2017Characterization and molecular epidemiology of multi drug resistant strains of shigella spp isolated from acute diarrhoeal patients in KolkataG. P., PazhaniNiyogi, S.K. and Ghosh Dastidar, Sujata
13-Oct-2017On certain aspects of protein binding of drugsSen, Kalyan KumarDutta, S. K. and Basu, S. K.
13-Oct-2017Characterization of effects of some drugs on transplasma membrane electron transport in leishmania donovani promastigotesPal (Datta), SabitaBera, Tanmoy
31-Oct-2017Role of 1and#945; 25 dihydroxyvitamin D3 in the inhibition of chemical rat hepatocarcinogenesisSamanta, Kartick ChandraChatterjee, Malay and Doloi, Manika
25-Oct-2017Evaluating Indian medical plants for oxidative stress and cardiac hypertrophyRaja, S.Mukherjee, Pulok Kumar and Bandyopadhyay, Arun
25-Jul-2017Studies on pharmacognostic nutritional antioxidant and nitric oxide synthase activation properties of some wild edible mushroom of Darjeeling HimalayaRai, Manjula
29-Aug-2017Formulation and evaluation of microencapsulated drug resinate for controlled releaseHalder, ArindamSa, Biswanath
29-Aug-2017Antibacterial properties of flavonoid compounds obtained from herbaceous plantsMahapatra, Santosh KumarGhosh Dastidar, Sujata and Mukherjee, Biswajit