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Title: Electrical and Optical Properties of Ta2O5 mixed with TiO2 8 mole
Guide(s): Panwar N. S., USIC, HNBGU, Srinagar-Garhwal (Uttarakhand)
Keywords: Dielectric Constant, Loss Tangent, Dielectric Conductivity, Refractive Index, Transmission Spectra, Absorption Coefficient, Extinction Coefficient, Optical Band Gap, Leakage Current Density, Schottky Effect, Poole Frenkel Effect, Space Charge Conduction, Breakdown Voltage, Charge Storage Capacity, Charge Storage Density, Hysteresis Curve
University: Uttarakhand Technical University
Completed Date: 24-8-2016
Abstract: newlineThe advent of the integrated circuit technology is one of the wonders of our age. To meet out the demand of the sophistication and miniaturization development of new materials of desired properties both from theoretical as well as technological point of view has been the motivating source and force of the present study. In the capacitive components which form the basis of many silicon based memory devices the dielectric constant limits the degree of miniaturization. For this reason high dielectric constant compounds are being investigated but many of such materials invariably incorporate toxic chemicals to the current fabrication procedures. From a compatibility point of view the high dielectric constant tantalum titanium oxide Ta2O5 TiO2 system is more promising for future microelectronics applications. Ta2O5 TiO2 system is non centrosymmetric and has potential ferroelectric properties. The present thesis entitled Electrical and Optical Properties of Ta2O5 mixed with TiO2 deals with the study of the titanium mixed tantalum pentoxide system. The study broadly has been carried out in two parts the bulk part and the thin films part. The bulk part explores the composition and process dependent dielectric properties of Ta2O5 TiO2 system. Among the prepared compositions highest dielectric constant was observed for the composition with x 0.08. In the thin films part the optical and electrical properties of the thin films of the composition with x 0.08 were investigated. newlineThe first chapter of the thesis broadly introduces the subject surveys the related literature and makes the foundation for the presented investigations. The pellet samples of Ta2O5 TiO2 x 0.1 were prepared by solid-state reaction method. From the X ray diffraction XRD and dielectric studies carried out on the prepared samples a composition dependent structural and dielectric anomaly was observed near the composition with x 0.08.
Pagination: 157 pages
Appears in Departments:Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

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