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2-Dec-2014Designing protein Peptide based inhibitors against selected essential proteins of Mycobacterium TuberculosisKrishan KumarRanganathan, Anand and Chauhan, V. S.
2-Dec-2014Isolation and characterization of DEAD box helicase from Plasmodium falciparumSingh, Prashant KumarPawan, Malhotra and Chauhan V S
24-Feb-2014Characterization and regulation of vacuolar Na+/H+ antiporter from pennisetum glaucumRajagopal, Divya.Sopory, K Sudhir
5-Mar-2014Mechanism of rolling circle replication in geminivirus: role of replication enchancer (REn/ AC3C3)Pasumarthy, Kalyan KumarChoudhury, Nirupam Roy
13-May-2014Structural and functional characterization of Thrombospondin Related Anonymous Protein (TRAP) from plasmodium falciparumAkhouri, Reetesh RajMahlotra, Pavan; Shukla, Ashish
13-May-2014Designed peptides for targeted structure and functionRai, JagdishSahal, Dinkar; Chauhan, V S
4-Mar-2014Molecular cloning and characterization of minichromosome maintenance proteins from peaNgoc, Tran QuangTuteja, Narendra
5-Mar-2014Structural and functional studies on conserved cytoplasmic domains of plasmodium falciparum erythrocyte membrane protein 1 (PFEMP1) familyHora, RachnaSharma, Amit
27-Feb-2014Cloning and characterisatlon of a salt strees inducible gene encoding voltage dependent anion channel from pennisetum glaucumDesai, Mintu KumarReddy, M K
13-May-2014Mechanisms deregulating the cell cycle at G1/S phase by Hepatitis B virus X (HBx) protein and genotoxic agentsMukherji, AtishKumar, Vijay; Chauhan, V S