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22-Sep-2017Studies on Vibrio cholerae chitinase ChiA2 and it s role in environment and host intestineMondal, MoumitaChatterjee, Nabendu Sekhar
22-Sep-2017Studies on the role of serine protease autotransporters of enterobacteriaceae SPATEs as a potential virulence determinant in clinical isolates causing neonatal septicaemiaTapader, RimaPal, Amit
27-Jul-2017Functional characterization of a novel phosphoesterase encoded by mycobacteriophage D29Dutta, SoumitaGupta, Sujoy Kumar Das
22-Sep-2017Tumor microenvironment induced conversion of classical M1 macrophages to alternative M2 type of tumor associated macrophages - Modulation by neem leaf glycoproteinGoswami, Kuntal KantiBaral, Rathindranath
22-Sep-2017A Study on the role of Bacterial protein kinases and phosphatases in the pathogenesis of enteric infectionsTheeya, NagarajaDas, Santasabuj
27-Jul-2017Characterization of local isolates of entamoeba histolytica in India and their pathogenic variabilityDas, KoushikGanguly, Sandipan
22-Sep-2017Snake venom Cytotoxin and Nanoparticle conjugation for cancer cell targetingBhowmik, TanmoyGomes, Antony
22-Sep-2017Role of Coagulase and TSST positive staphylococcus aureus in the pathogenesis of staphylococcal infection induced arthritis and its possible Remediation through Antioxidant-Antibiotic Co-therapeutic approach in miceMal, PinkyBishayi, Biswadev
22-Sep-2017Understanding the molecular machanism of active of DnaB halicase family proteins from mycobacteriophagesBhowmik, PriyankaDasgupta, Sujoy K.
27-Jul-2017Molecular studies on stringent response gene reIV of vibrio choleraeDasgupta, ShreyaBhadra, Rupak Kumar