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27-Jul-2017Molecular studies on stringent response gene reIV of vibrio choleraeDasgupta, ShreyaBhadra, Rupak Kumar
10-Oct-2017Studies on asymbiotic diazotrophic populations for development of bacterial inoculants for the coastal soils of West BengalBarua, ShilajitChakrabarti, Kalyan
28-Dec-2017Molecular insight into bacterial catabolism of aromatic compoundsBasu, SoumikDutta, Tapan K.
28-Dec-2017Study on correlation of generation time and anti tubercular drug ATD resistant pattern in mycobacterial isolates from treatment failure pulmonary tuberculosis patientsGoswami, AvranilPal, Nishith kumar
28-Dec-2017Pathogenesis and outer membrane vesicle mediated transport of hemagglutinin protease in vibrio cholerae O1 strainsMondal, AyanPal, Amit
28-Dec-2017Understanding the dynamics of mycobacteriophage mycobacteria interaction using mycobacteriophage d29 mycobacterium smegmatis as the model systemSamaddar, SourabhGupta, Sujoy K. Das
28-Dec-2017A study on effect and response of GbpA a chitin binding protein of vibrio cholerae on intestinal cells during pathogenesisMandal, SudiptoChatterjee, Nabendu Sekhar
9-Oct-2017Studies on antibiotic resistance mechanisms in escherichia coli and klebsiella pneumoniae causing neonatal infectionsRoy, SubhasreeBasu, Sulagna
15-Dec-2017Carbapenem resistance in enterobacteriaceae associated with neonatal sepsis Transmissible and non transmissible mechanisms of resistanceDatta, SaswatiBasu, Sulagna
1-Nov-2017Studies on overcoming drug resistance by a novel copper chelate in multidrug resistant enteric bacterial pathogens with particular reference to Vibrio cholerae O1Bhattacharya, KoelNiyogi, Swapan Kumar