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4-Jun-2018Production of antimicrobial agents from streptomyces speciesGhosh, Ajoy KumarChakrabarty, S L
4-Jun-2018Studies on induced mutation in streptomyces species in relation to antibiotic and enzyme productionNandi, Anil KumarChakrabarty, S L
4-Jun-2018Studies on antibiotic and enzyme producing actinomycetesD E, SibenduChandra, A L
14-Jun-2018A study of the intestinal flora of infants with special reference to infective enteritis of infancySardar, Prabhas KumarBhattacharya, Kalimoy
13-May-2019Studies on regulation of a two component Vibrio cholerae sensor histidine kinase ChiS role in chitin utilization and pathogenesisChourashi, RhishitaChatterjee, Nabendu Sekhar
13-May-2019Genomic and functional analysis of cholera toxin B subunit and the promoter region of ctxAB operon in clinical isolates of Vibrio cholerae O1Naha, ArindamMukhopadhyay, Asish
4-Jun-2019Studies on the role of stringent response regulator DksA in controlling major virulence genes of Vibrio choleraeBasu, PallabiBhadra, Rupak K.
4-Jun-2019Study to elucidate the underlying mechanism of waste water purification in single pond system at East Kolkata WetlandGupta, Anirban DasSil, Alok Kumar and Saha, Tapan
11-Jun-2019Control of the 3 end processing of the HBV RNAChakraborty, DibyajnanGhosh, Sagarmoy
9-May-2019A New anaerobiosis technique using a candle jar enriched with chemicals for combustion of residual Oxygen validation and its application to determine the incidence of anaerobic infections from different clinical materialsHaldar, JayeetaMaiti, Prasanta Kumar and Roy, Raja