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10-Oct-2017Studies on the morphological and functional status of thyroid under the influence of calcium and magnesiumGoswami, HaimantiChandra, Amar Kumar
9-Oct-2017Morphological and functional status of thyroid gland under the influence of tea camellia Sinensis of Indian originD e, NeelaChandra, Amar Kumar
15-Dec-2017Studies on the protective effect of aqueous bark extract of terminalia arjuna against phenylhydrazine induced oxidative stress in goat red blood cellsPaul, SudeshnaChattyopadhyay, Aindrila
15-Dec-2017Ergonomics study on occupational health problems of porters of central market area in Calcutta and probable intervention strategies for the improvement of productivitySarkar, KrishnenduGangopadhyay, Somnath
15-Dec-2017Studies on the protective effect of aqueous bark extract of terminalia arjuna against copper ascorbate induced oxidative stress in human placental mitochondriaDutta, MousumiChattopadhyay, Aindrila
27-Jul-2017Bioactivity and bioactive constituents of fresh water snail Viviparous Bengalensis flesh extract in experimental osteoporosis and osteoarthritisAmrita, SarkarGomes, Antony
1-Sep-2017Studies on the protective role of melatonin against adrenaline-induced oxidative stress in heart and liver tissues of male albino ratsRudra, SmitaBandyopadhyay, Debasish
1-Sep-2017Studies on the antioxidative and antimicrobial effect of Oxalis Corniculata extractsMukerjee, SayaniDhar, Puball
1-Sep-2017Concerned modulation of Anti-Oxidant Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Tumor signalling pathways in Cancer - Evaluation of the role of certain dietary PolyphenolsMukherjee, SudeshnaChattopadhyay, Sreya
1-Sep-2017The role of different aggregating agents in the inhibition of nitric oxide synthesis in platelet aggregationBanerjee, DebipriyaMazumder, Sahana