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14-Jun-2017Ergonomic study on work environment and work mode as causative factors for accident during manual material handlingGhoshal, GoutamGangopadhyay, Somnath
22-Sep-2017Studies on antibiotic resistance and characterization of a plasmid DNA mediated vancomycin resistant clinical strain of staphylococcus aureusSaha, BiswajitBal, Manjusri
22-Sep-2017Chromium induced alteration in testicular and adrenocortical activities with the possible preventionChatterjee, AparajitaChandra, Amar K
22-Sep-2017Studies on thyroid status under the influence of naturally occurring goitrogens of plant originGhosh, DishariChandra, Amar Kumar
22-Sep-2017Evaluation of morphology and functional status of thyroid gland under the influence of certain selective cyanogenic foodsMukhopadhyay, SanjuktaChandra, Amar K
22-Sep-2017Studies on certain haematological and biochemical parameters in population chronically exposed to arsenicDas, Asok KumarChandra, Amar Kumar
22-Sep-2017Studies on antineoplastic activities of the bioactive molecule s from the skin of the Indian toad bufo melanostictus schneiderGiri, BiplabGomes, Antony
22-Sep-2017A study to examine the possible ameliorating effects of black tea extract BTE on non alcoholic steatohepatitis NASH induced liver and bone pathophysiological changesKarmakar, SubhraMitra, Chandan
11-Oct-2017Evaluation of the antisnake venom activity of vitex negundo and embilica officinalis an experimental studySarkhel, SumanaGomes, Antony
9-Oct-2017Studies on cellular lipid peroxidation and anti oxidant defence systems following exposure to arsenical compoundsMaiti, SmarajitChatterjee, Ajay Kumar