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28-Jul-2017Impact on antioxidants on lipid profile and indexes of oxidative stress on exercising femalesBagchi, AnandiChatterjee, Pratima
18-Aug-2017Risk of development of carcinoma in different organs related to use of hormones and or hormonal status of an individualSen, SangitaGanguly, A K
28-Jul-2017Relationship between body composition and maximum oxygen uptake capacity Q C Test in sedentary individuals and sportspersonsBandyopadhyay, AmitChatterjee, Satipati
10-Jul-2017Serum lipids in normal adult population of Calcutta ITS variation in diabetes coronary artery disease and with the dietary supplementation of antioxidants with special reference to ascorbic acidChattopadhyay, IndrajitMitra, Chandan
4-Jun-2018Studies on the microbial production of citric acid by aspergillus nigerGhosh, PratitiBanik, A K
13-Oct-2017An Experimental approach towards elucidation of the mechanisms in Brain tumor immunotherapy: Role of a non specific biological response modifierSarkar, SusobhanDatta, Subir Kumar
28-Jul-2017Endocrine profile and polyamine metabolism and the influence of herbal extracts in relation to ageHossain, ShabbirGanguly, A K
28-Jul-2017Ergonomics study on the prevalence of musculo skeletal disorder MSD among the preadolescent agricultural workers potato cultivators of West BengalDas, BanibrataGangopadhyay, Somnath
14-Jun-2017Oxidative stress and enzymatic anti oxidant defense systems with special reference to vitamin E supplementation in exercising femalesBera, ChandanaChatterjee, Pratima
18-Aug-2017Atrial receptors on kidney functionRay, KrishnaKoley, Juthika