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4-Jun-2018Studies on some aspects of neuroendocrinological factors influencing male reproductive system in adult Cockroach periplaneta americanaSinha, Minan.d.
13-Aug-2018Repfroductive biology and body composition of migratory Hilsa Tenualosa Ilisha Hamilton VIS A VIS socio economic condition of Hilsa fishers in some selected stretch of Hooghly river system of West BengalBanerjee, BiditaBanerjee, Samir; Nath, Ashim Kumar
4-Jun-2018Influence of temperature on the growth of the pestiferous land snail Achatina Fulica bowdichAhmed, MustakRaut, S K
14-Jun-2018Contribution to the study of the comparative morphology of the brain of some gobioid Fishes in relation to habit and habitatLahiri, Braja KishoreSircar, Ajit K
4-Jun-2018Efficiency assessment of different carp hatcheries and hatchery seedsRay, Pradip KumarBanejee, Samir
4-Jun-2018Histophysiology of reproduction in the domestic duckPal, DhananjayGhosh, Asok
4-Jun-2018Histophysiological studies of spermatogenesis and accessory organs of reproduction in bandicota bengalensis Gray a mammalian pestHikim, Amiya Prasad SinhaGhosh, Asok
4-Jun-2018Limnological studies of freshwater fishponds with special reference to zooplanktonMandal, NikhilranjanDatta, N C
9-Aug-2018Pollinator community along an agricultural intensification gradient in north 24 parganas West Bengal IndiaBhattacharya, RitamBasu, Parthiba
4-Jun-2018Investigation on the pineal adrenocortical morphology and function relative to diverse modulation of steroid milieu in mice Mus musculusBandyopadhyay, RajasriChakraborty, Subrata