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15-Dec-2017Functional morphology and adaptation of the feeding apparatus of certain Indian birds of different food habits including jaw kinesis and its evolutionary significanceBhattacharyya, BirendranathBanerjee, Samir Kumar
26-Jul-2017Studies on Helminth parasitesKumari, M VasanthaChauhan, B S
26-Jul-2017Studies on the morphology and taxonomy of the protozoan parasites of oligochaete worms of West BengalMukherjee, Kamakhya ProsadChowdhuri, Amalesh
25-Jul-2017Studies on DNA replication and transcription in drosophila virilis and the problem of dosage compensationGhosh, RamkrishnaMukherjee, A S
14-Jun-2017Contribution to the study of the comparative morphology of the brain of some hillstream Fishes of Northeast India in relation to feeding habit and habitatSaha, Anil KumarSarcar, Ajit K
14-Jun-2018Contribution to the study of the comparative morphology of the brain of some gobioid Fishes in relation to habit and habitatLahiri, Braja KishoreSircar, Ajit K
26-Jul-2017Studies on morphology life History and bionomics of parasitic protozoa and free living protozoa of the soilHaldar, Durga PrasadChakravarty, M M
26-Jul-2017Functional morphology of the urinogenital organs and gonadal cycle in some common snakes of Eastern IndiaMisra, SwatiSircar, Ajit K
26-Jul-2017Contribution to the study of morphology taxonomy and physiology of arachnida and insectaBasu, BuddhadebGanguly, D N
26-Jul-2017Morphology and taxonomy of certain cestodesCapoor, Vireshwar NathChauhan, B S