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26-Jul-2017Studies on genetic variability male crossing over and segregation distortion in a laboratory stain of drosophila ananassaeDas, Asok KumarMukherjee, A S
25-Jul-2017Studies on the analysis of functional organization of drosophila genomeGhosh, SyamasriMUkherjee, A S
28-Jul-2017Gene physiological studies on polytene chromosomes and dosage compensation in drosophilaChatterjee, Sankar NathMukherjee, Ardhendu Sekhar
28-Jul-2017Hybrid dysgenesis and related changes in the Drosophila ananassae of the Indian subcontinentManna, NanditaDattagupta, A K
25-Jul-2017Studies on genetic and molecular basis of dosage compensation in DrosophilaMitra, NiveditaMukherjee, A S
25-Jul-2017Studies on the mechanism of control of DNA replication in drosophila polytene chromosomesDatta, SnigdhaMukherjee, A S
10-Jul-2017Investigations on the comparison of high mobility group proteins under steady state and after heat shock exposure in drosophila Fish amphibia and mammal and their functional significanceKundu, Jayanta KumarMukherjee, A S
10-Jul-2017Gene physiological studies on dosage compensation in drosophilaLakhotia, Subhash ChandraMukharjee, A S
10-Jul-2017Studies on the genetics and epigenetics of regulation of replication in drosophila through point mutational lethalsBhakta, Rajib KumarMukherjee, Ardhendu Sekhar
4-Jun-2018Genetic analysis of some haploabnormal region in drosophila melanogaster and their effect on gene expressionRoy, Atanu DuttaDuttagupta, Ashish K