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12-Sep-20181,2-Cyclopropanated Sugars as Novel Glycosyl Donors in Oligosaccharide SynthesisVenukkumar, PattetiSridhar, Perali Ramu
12-Sep-2018Novel molecular and metallo supramolecular nano materials design synthesis processing and functional aspectsBasak, SupratimChandrasekar R
12-Sep-2018Synthesis and studies of novel polybenzimidazoles with improved properties for proton exchange membraneMaity, SudhangshuJana, Tushar
18-Oct-2018Cyclometallates of some platinum group metal ions with aroylhydrazones bearing polycyclic aryl groupsRao, Balavardhana A RRao, Raghavendra C
18-Oct-2018Naphthobipyrrole derived novel extended porphyrinoids synthesis structure and optical propertiesSarma, TridibPanda, Pradeepta K
18-Oct-2018Copper catalyzed sequential reactions synthesis of triazole fused tethered heterocyclics and allenes in cyclization functionalization reactionsReddy, Muthyala NagarjunaSwamy, Kumara K C
18-Oct-2018Convenient strategies to c n bond formation synthesis of heteroarylated ketones scorpionate ligands e allyl gem dipyrazoles adps and ortho amido aryl ketonesBhanuchandra, MSahoo, Akhila Kumar
18-Oct-2018Synthesis of heteroaryl quinoline carboline and benzimidazolopyrazine derivatives via cyclization reactions with alkyne or alkeneRamesh SNagarajan R
18-Oct-2018Studies directed towards the total synthesis of dolabelides a c c1 c14 siphonarienal siphonarienone pectinatone and applications of ferrier rearrangementAchary, Narasimha DYadav, J S
12-Sep-2018The baylis hillman bromides and carbonates in organic synthesis development of novel methodologies for spirooxindoles containing dihydrofuran epoxide and nitrone frameworksBadsara, Satpal SinghBasavaiah, D