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18-Jul-2016Synthesis of pyrrolo pyrido quino indolo carbazole derivatives and bouchardatine alkaloidNagarajan, RViji, Mayavan
14-Jul-2016Synthesis and characterization of metal bis dithiolene complexes and n heterocyclic silver carbene complexesRavada, KishoreDas, Samar K
14-Jul-2016Synthesis and applications of chiral amines containing Trans 1 2 diaminocyclohexane and 2 3 diphenylpiperazine moietiesDalai, ManasiPeriasamy, M
14-Jul-2016Synthesis of chiral c1 and c2 symmetric nitrogen and sulfur heterocycles for application in asymmetric transformationsRamani, Guru BrahamamPeriasamy, M
14-Jul-2016Synthesis structure and properties of copper II and nickel II pseudohalide complexes with 4 5 diazafluoren 9 oneBonige, Kishore BabuRajasekharan, M V
18-Oct-2018Stereoselective synthesis of natural products from 1 2 cyclopropanated sugarsKalapati, SheshadriSridhar, Perali Ramu
11-Jul-2016Synthesis of heteroarylcarbazoles ellipticine pyranocarbazole chromenylcarbazole and carbazolocarbazole derivativesChaitanya, T KrishnaNagarajan, R
11-Jul-2016Synthesis of charged polystyrene colloids and polymer hydrogel photonic crystal mercury sensorArunbabu, DhamodaranJana, Tushar
18-Oct-2018Convenient strategies to c n bond formation synthesis of heteroarylated ketones scorpionate ligands e allyl gem dipyrazoles adps and ortho amido aryl ketonesBhanuchandra, MSahoo, Akhila Kumar
18-Oct-2018Synthesis and characterization of decavanadate and lindqvist type cluster containing compounds studies on macro as well as nano crystalsSridevi, YeeraPodile, Appa Rao