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14-Aug-2012Theoretical studies on organometallic complexes and transition metal clustersSusmita DeJemmis, Eluvathingal D; Mahapatra, S
16-Aug-2012Structural and thermal analysis of organic solidsSarma, Bipul ChNangia, Ashwini
26-Sep-2014Theoretical studies on three membered rings carborynes and transition metal compoundsAnoop AJemmis, Eluvathingal D
29-Mar-2011Synthesis and applications of novel chiral catalysts containinc N-P-O structural framework for the borane-mediated asymmetric reduction of prochiral ketonesReddy, Gone JayapalBasavaiah, D
28-Mar-2011Optical, nonlinear optical and semiconducting molecular materials based on remote functionalized chromophores and polyelectrolyte templated molecules and polymersJayanty, SubbalakshmiRadhakrishnan, T P
6-Apr-2011Chemistry of polycyclic systems Part I: Tc-face selectivities during cycloadditions to a dissymmetric polycyclic- 1, 3-diene Part II: synthesis and characterization of some exceptionally stable diozonidesUma, RMchta , Goverdhan
26-Sep-2014Studies on manganese iron and cobalt chemistry with diazine and dioxime ligandsSreerama, Subramanya GuptaPal, Samudranil
28-Mar-2011Studies on the synthesis, reactivity and utility of cyclic phosphorus(III) compounds and organophosphonatesNune, Satish KumarSwamy, K C Kumara
4-Apr-2011Oxy-cope and claisen rearrangements on carbohydrate templates: expedient syntheses of 9-membered ring ethers and pseudo-sugarsSudha, A V R LNagrajan, M
17-Mar-2011Rings and cages containing phosphorus arsenic and antimonySaid, Musa Afif ASwami, K C Kumara